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  • The Essence of American Food

    …. And that food revolution is not a celebration of excess. Americans are increasingly concerned with nutrition, the freshness of ingredients, sustainability, flavor, and novelty all of which suggest a turn toward quality and away from excess. It could be argued that this food revolution is influencing only a small minority of our population and that most…

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  • Seafood Sustainability & Social Issues

    … When discussions of seafood sustainability arise, they most often revolve around protection of seafood species as well as their environment. There might be talk of endangered fish populations, such as cod in the Gulf of Maine, or destruction of the sea bed from trawling. However, sustainability discussions have been expanding, and social issues…

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  • Pork & Pinot - Perfect Night at 20/Twenty

    ….), Cambria Estate 2012 ($19.), Champ de Reves Anderson Valley 2012 ($36.) and Hartford Court Russian River Valley 2012 ($42.). Jackson Family owns 47 wineries worldwide. Jess Jackson the owner, before he recently died, declared “I want to make the best wines I can, at every price point and be dedicated to sustainability.” 5,000 acres of Jackson wine has…

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  • WineStudio: Willamette Valley Chardonnays (Week I)

    The Importance of Being a Willamette Valley Chardonnay #WineStudio Tuesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm PDT When you think of the Willamette Valley (it's Willamette, dammit!), you probably think of world-class Pinot Noir, and you wouldn't be wrong. With 11,053 acres planted, fabulous Pinots come out every vintage, year after year.

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  • Seafood: Fighting The Mercury Myth

    … Eat more seafood. Eat more seafood. Eat more seafood. I repeat this sentiment frequently, encouraging people to eat one of the healthiest and tastiest foods that exists. However, one hurdle is consumer fears about the dangers of mercury in seafood. There are far too many articles that seek to scare the public, greatly exaggerating the risks…

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  • Sustainable Agriculture in Sonoma County

    … The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission has decided all Sonoma County grapes will be grown sustainably within five years. With over 60,000 acres of grapevines this is an ambitious project. The majority of the vineyards are under 100 acres with nearly half less than 40 acres so there is lots of coordination and info sharing to be done. First…

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  • 8 Chardonnays from Oregon’s Willamette Valley

    … associated with California Chardonnay. Personally, I prefer sucking on a stone than on a stick! During Tuesdays in November, we will be guided as we taste two or three wines and learn more about terroir, sustainability, biodynamics, philosophy and evolution of the region by tasting these select Oregon Chardonnay wines and wineries. I’m excited…

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  • Updated News on Seafood Consumption, Landings & Aquaculture

    … I've been urging people to eat more seafood, and I've not been alone. There has been a significant number of people, groups, and companies which have been trying to get Americans to eat more seafood, especially because of its significant health benefits. The important questions is then, have people been listening? The National Marine Fisheries…

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  • Are Family Farms the Answer?

    … — bankrupts the land, our food, our nation and our future. I don’t doubt the value of small farms as a way of life or the vision of sustainability that infuses Nelson’s writing. But I wonder if small farms are capable of feeding the planet. Is large-scale, industrial agriculture necessary for producing the massive amounts of food required for feeding…

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  • Paso Robles: Thomas Hill Organics and a New Chef

    … Roblan. Congrats to THO and their new chef, Christopher Manning! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Fresh Face and Fresh Inspiration at Thomas Hill Organics Chef Christopher Manning joins Paso Robles culinary scene by way of Napa October 22, 2014 (Paso Robles, California) when beloved Paso Robles establishment Thomas Hill Organics Wine Bar & Bistro…

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  • Americans, Don't Ignore Farmed Seaweed

    … discussion in the seafood sustainability realm about seaweed. Mariculture is a category of aquaculture where the species are raised in the open ocean, an enclosed section of the ocean, or in enclosed area which is filled with seawater. Since 2004, seaweed has been the most common mariculture species. In 2012, seaweed represented about 49% of all global…

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