Temecula /tə mɛkˈjʉlə/ is a city in southwestern Riverside County, California, with a population of 100,097 as of the 2010 census. It was incorporated on December 1, 1989. Temecula is bordered by the City of Murrieta to the north and the Pechanga Indian Reservation and San Diego County to the south. The City of Temecula forms the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire region.
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  • Savoring the Flavors of a Wine County Autumn

    … in Fallbrook complemented the tapas by balancing the intense flavor of the Pinot Noir with the richness of the pork. The fourth tapas consisted of a fall favorite of butternut squash ravioli covered in prosciutto, garlic, olives, and sage. The richness of the squash and the gaminess of the prosciutto were balanced by the crispness of Middleridge…

    Linda Kissam/ WineChixs.comin Pinot Noir Syrah- 3 readers -
  • 62

    … Blanc—a boutique wine from the up-and-coming region of Temecula. We were connoisseurs. Today is my 62nd birthday. Does anyone ever believe they’ll live to 62? Not at the Hungry Tiger in 1974 I didn’t. But it wasn’t even on my mind. Karen was on my mind. I was crazy in love for the second time in my life, and, little did I know, I was also falling…

    Ron Washam/ HoseMaster of Wine™in Cabernet Sauvignon- 1 readers -
  • Europa Village’s Oktoberfest ~ Barrels Of Fun!

    … Dance” to the Hofbrau Boys’ Germanic polka rhythms. One thing is certain… a good time was had by all ~ Beifall!!! www.europavillage.com This entry was posted in San Diego Country ~ Southern California, San Diego County ~ So Cal, South Coast AVA, Temecula ~ Southern California by Deborah Mines. Bookmark the permalink.…

    Deborah Mines/ Uncorked Wine Travels!- 3 readers -
  • Daily Wine News: Wine & Sex

    … In the Hérault department of the Languedoc — where harvest hasn’t yet finished — “six months’ worth of rain fell in a day.” Madeline Puckette explores wine and sex. “A well-stocked wine lover’s cellar only needs a cheap waiter’s corkscrew, a K-Mart decanter, and logo wine glasses from that cheesy Temecula winery where you’re a club member…

    David White/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog- 7 readers -
  • What’s this? Frank Mangio in a Ferrari?

    … you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but with Cakebread, you can have it all. Visit at cakebread.com. Temecula’s CRUSH Brings Out the Syrahs and Sangioveses In my rounds of events and meet-and-greets, the wine conversation almost always touches on Temecula, its wineries and wines. Last weekend the Wine Growers Association got all of its members…

    Taste of Wine TV - Weekly Updatein Syrah Chardonnay- 2 readers -
  • The HoseMaster's Guide to Drinking Wine at Home

    … it with a fifty dollar corkscrew. A well-stocked wine lover’s cellar only needs a cheap waiter’s corkscrew, a K-Mart decanter, and logo wine glasses from that cheesy Temecula winery where you’re a club member. And for God’s sake, don’t buy a stupid aerator to pour the wine through. You might as well wear a bowtie that lights up, you’ll look more…

    Ron Washam/ HoseMaster of Wine™- 4 readers -
  • Guest Post – 2011 Evohe Tempranillo

    … the aroma of oak even though, as I said there is none that touches the wine. Let’s step deeper into this wine by getting to the heart of this review which, of course is how it tastes in your mouth. Happily this is a classic Tempranillo, spicy peppery, black current, cocoa. The first flavor that came to my palate was that of blackberry which was followed…

    Michelle Leonardson/ WineDineDIYin Cabernet Sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc- 4 readers -
  • Some Wine Trivia

    A few things you may not know about wine: History The first reference to a fermented grape beverage was 9000 years ago in China. The earliest Western evidence of wine is in the Georgia-to-Iran area 8000 years ago. The wild grape vines from this area are the ancestors of modern cultivated grape vines. Wine making improved greatly during the Roman Empire.

    Bob Hunnicutt/ Bob on Sonoma -
  • All Aboard the Good Ship Poseidon

    … wine country in nearby Riverside County . San Diego’s Mediterranean waterfront dining comes together at Poseidon featuring fresh seafood and a fresh-air experience. Visit theposeidonrestaurant.com. Reservations at 858-755-9345. Grammy Award Winner Paul Brown Plays at Keyways Winery Temecula Sat. Sept 20. Grammy winning Jazz guitarist Paul Brown…

    Taste of Wine TV - Weekly Updatein Chardonnay- 3 readers -
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