Sharing Vina Vida: A Personal Wine Experience at Newly Opened Kuhlman Cellars

    by Robin English-Bircher, Wine Travel Writer, Texas Wine and Trail October 01, 2014 Wine is addictive. For many in the Texas Wine industry, the addiction seeps into their very being; it drives them and brings great contentment and satisfaction. One of the most recent couples to be swept into wine is Christopher and Jennifer Cobb.

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    Wine, Buffalos and Stewardship

    The day after tomorrow I will be taking my son to college two states away. It isn’t so much the distance as it is the transition that is somewhat unsettling. The most comforting thing I’ve found to get through this impending change comes from the animal kingdom. What did the mother buffalo say to her boy when he left for college? Part of the difficulty of transitioning a child i ...

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      Elena Walch Pinot Grigio

      50 States of Wine - - 9 readers - It's always fun to try wines from new producers, so I was excited to get samples of two Pinot Grigios from Elena Walch, their typical bottling and also a single vineyard offering. Best known as the "Queen of Gewurtztraminer," she is now considered one of the best producers in the region and is credited with being one of the first to start the quality revolution in Alto Adige.

      Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore

      schiller-wine - - 8 readers - Pictures: Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore with Ainslie Kenny, Frank Butera, Christian G.E. Schiller and Annette Schiller from Ombiasy WineTours Helmed by the Australian team Ainslie Kenny and David Elliott, Merchants Wine Cellar is a wine bar and wine store on Duxton Road that exclusively carries wines from Australia and New Zealand in its portf ...

      Gewurztraminer, Aloha Style

      Pennsylvania Vine Company - - 8 readers - Gewurztraminer, Aloha Style A tale of fruity pizza and aromatic Alsatian whites. Posted on September 28, 2014 by Jeff Alexander Rangen vineyard, Zind-Humbrecht This I say with peace and love: Hawaiian pizza – that is, pie with pineapple and ham – will never pass my lips. If it’s your bag, hey, that’s between you and Domino’s.

      Winemakers are paid less than HR managers

      The Gray Report - - 7 readers - "This wine has an excellent bouquet and a long finish. It's a credit to the winery's human resources director." Who's the most important employee at a winery? You might think it's the winemaker or vineyard manager. But they're not paid like it. Wine Business Monthly released its annual salary survey in its October issue, and I was struck by how many people are paid more than the winemaker.

    The latest about Terroir

      Drink Local Wine Week: The Importance of Vintage. Or Not.

      …, stinkbugs — yep, we get those too. Increasingly though I don’t hear winegrowers complaining about these challenges. Rather, they’re embracing them, content to make whatever wine the vintage gives them, a reflection of terroir and time. This embrace of the local climate is a sign of the increasing maturity of our local wine industry…

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      McCay Lot 13 Tempranillo

      … the role it has been handed in locations of varying terroir. Tempranillo that is grown in California, Oregon and Washington all taste different from those cultivated in Spain. Even within the Lodi regions they can differ considerably. McCay’s 2012 Tempranillo Lot 13 is the prettiest most fruit driven Tempranillo wine this taster has ever consumed. When…

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      A New Book on Barolo & Barbaresco … plus a Related Item

      … important book on these two great wines yet published. O’Keefe is a wine colleague and friend. I’ve tasted with her on many occasions, not least of which have been the Nebbiolo Prima sessions in Alba, during which we and a small army of other wine journalists have each year worked our way through several hundred new releases of Barolo and Barbaresco. I…

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      Celebration Continues on Sunday

      … the effort as guests gobbled up the meatball sliders and pork belly. Katie Grassini and Paul Azdril, General Manager, gave us a warm welcome. We were encouraged to enjoy the wide selection of wines from the 2013 Happy Canyon Sauvignon Blanc which we compared with the 2011 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. It was then on to the reds where I particularly enjoyd…

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      Hand or Land?

      … is what Danehower describes as ‘poised.’ This is the ‘terroir’ wine, wine that is made by the land. No winemakers here, only grape growers. The author goes on to point out that one is not better than the other. He is writing specifically about Willamette Pinot Noir when he says, ‘Between poised and plush, neither is considered better than…

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      Wine of the Day October 16, 2014

      … are chiseled from the soils of her terroir. This fresh and vibrant young Riesling is very charming now with firm serve character and a surprising amount of natural extract, making it a wonderful food wine, but less a fruity sipper, best to pair it up with something enjoyable and take in the subtle nuances, as the wine unfolds in the glass…

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      Daily Wine News: Vines & Soil

      …Oct 16 Posted by David White | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-16-2014 “If Yvon Métras wines stand out, that’s in large part because he takes cares of his vines and soil, using a cable-powered plow to get rid of the grass, not chemicals, and on these steep terroir this is not an easy job.” Bertrand Celce profiles Yvon Métras.” “What became…

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      Rhone Ranger Wines from Elyse

      … Vineyard. These grapes are indigenous to Southern France’s Rhone Valley, and they are well suited to the terroir of the Sierra Foothills. After fermentation, the wine was aged for 22 months in French puncheons, 10% of which were new. The wine has 14.4% alcohol by volume and the bottle is sealed with a natural cork. There were 1,451 cases…

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      Chardonnay wine is for lovers at Feast Portland

      … seem to possess a deep-rooted pioneering spirit that helps them roll with nature’s punches. For the love of terroir, we who appreciate Oregon wines get to reap the rewards of our toiling winemaking friends. Two very different vintages– yet both produced stellar wines. During the seminar, Bon Appétit’s David Lynch described nearly all the wines…

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      Review of Jamie Goode's "Rescuing Minerality": Part II

      …Jamie Goode gets back onto the "minerality" path after what he terms a "side step" into the concept of terroir. That "side step" was covered in the first installment of our three-part review of Jamie's post titled Rescuing Minerality. This post covers the second major topic in Jamie's post, the contribution of soils to wine quality. Jamie begins…

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      International Wine: 7 Out of this World Worldly Wines

      … minerality. The tannin texture is tight but not sharp which is also an expression of the uniqueness of the soils of Nipozzano. The finish returns to the intense fruity notes already identified on the nose. Wine Paring: Pair with barbecued meat, beef stews and aged cheeses. GREECE 2010 Kokkinos Wine Naoussa Xinomavro: is the principal red wine…

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      Winemakers are paid less than HR managers

      …. The average salary at those for (Junior) Winemaker is $74,096, about what Assistant Winemakers make at larger wineries. Plus, most small wineries don't have a Winemaking Director or a Senior Winemaker. So instead of trying to taste terroir or the winemaker's style, perhaps we should be sniffing for characteristic notes of the benefits program.…

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