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Texas has a long history of wine production. The sunny and dry climate of the major wine making regions in the state have drawn comparison to Portuguese wines. Some of the earliest recorded Texas wines were produced by Spanish missionaries in the 1650s near El Paso. The state is home to over 36 members of the Vitis grape vine family with fifteen being native to the state, more than any other region on earth. As of 2006, the state had over 3,200 acres (1,300 ha) planted with Vitis vinifera. Despite being the largest of conterminous states, this relatively small amount of planted land is dwarfed by the production of even the smallest French AOCs like Sancerre.
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    • Is Texas Wine Like Orange Juice?

      Label on Carton of Florida Orange Juice Is Texas Wine Like Orange Juice? A friend of mine related the following story to me with the caveat that many wineries were likely tired of hearing people like Andrew Chalk (click here) and I (click here) rant about sourcing of grapes used in Texas wines and how wine labeling should accurately reflect the source of the grapes.

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    • Battle of the Texas Tempranillos

      It seems a Battle of Texas wines is a regular event now at Texas Wine Lover. Last year we had the Battle of the Texas Roussannes. Since we had previously done two white wines, it was now time for a red wine. Tempranillo is arguably the signature red wine of Texas, so it was only fitting that the next battle be the Battle of the Texas Tempranillos.

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    • 12 wines for International Tempranillo Day

      These 12 wines show tempranillo in many of its 21st century styles. There’s classic tempranillo from the Rioja region of Spain; post-modern Spanish tempranillo; regional tempranillo from Texas and Colorado; a highly-regarded Oregon label; and even one from Argentina. Tempranillo for years languished in wine’s outer orbit, though that banishment had little to do with quality.

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  • Get Your Holiday Cheer in Grapevine

    … Forget twelve days of Christmas! Grapevine, Texas celebrates the season with 1,400 Christmas events held over more than 40 days! And as usual, Grapevine has some special treats in store for wine lovers and holiday revelers alike. Here are just a few examples: There’s plenty of cheer available at Grapevine’s Urban Wine Trail. You can sip…

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  • Eden Hill Holiday Wine Dinner

    … Pate, Latin Cocktail Meat Balls and Crudites with Curry Dip ​Wine pairings (2 Choices): Eden Hill 2013 Roussanne~ Dry White Wine *93 pts, Gold Medal, San Francisco IWC Eden Hill 2013 Moscato ~ Semi-Sweet White Wine, recently released Salad course: Eden Hill Holiday Salad – Baby Greens, Goat Cheese & Red Peppers Wine…

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  • The Bullet Boys, Texas, ‘Stache’ 2013

    … Drake, Chris Brundrett and Rob Nida) Appellation: Texas Vineyard: Tatum Wine Type: Dry White Varietal: Blanc du Bois (100%) Vintage: 2013 Other: Stache Alcohol: 13.42% Price $30.00 Date of Review: 11/16/2014 Time: 12:30 am Glassware: ISO Quality of Style: 4.0 Drinkability: 4 DK: 88 The wine is visually inviting with both soft straw to canary hues…

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  • Touring the Texas Independence Wine Trail

    … There is a wine trail in the state which is turning into a destination to visit and that is the Texas Independence Wine Trail. The wine trail is conveniently located near I-10 about 90 minutes from either Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, and it makes a perfect day trip. We recently visited some of the wineries on the wine trail. The first thing…

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  • History of the Houston Wine Fest

    … Fest. The festival is usually held at the end of September except for this year. 2010 The festival was held at Sam Houston Park and there were approximately five Texas wineries participating. Texas Wine Lover did not start until 2011 so I did not need to keep good notes during our visit to the inaugural festival. We were just excited there…

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  • Pemberton Cellars

    … to find with a large 7.5 acre vineyard planted in front of the vineyard. As I learned later from Jeff, the vineyard was planted in 2009. I met Jeff Pemberton in the tasting room and at the time of my visit, he had two wines to taste. One was a Texas Viognier and the other was a 2012 Texas Tempranillo, both from the Pemberton Cellars vineyard…

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  • Need Some Muscrat Love? It’s at Kerrville Hills Winery

    … owner and winemaker at Kerrville Hills Winery and his wife Carol are good people. When my photographer and I stopped by early on a Sunday morning to take photos for my new book on the Texas Hill Country Wineries, Wayne and Carol were friendly and gracious hosts and generous with their time. Wayne is a bit of a handy man/engineer who tries to re…

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  • Compass Rose Cellars

    … on the patio. The winery only uses 100% Texas grapes and our first visit included four wines. On my last visit there were two more wines added. These are the wines which were available on my last visit: Chenin Blanc 2013 – Mesa Vineyards, 109 cases Pinot Grigio 2012 – Tallent Vineyards, 343 cases Syrah 2012 – Tallent Vineyards, 97 cases…

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  • 008 TWL Podcast: Neal Newsom of Newsom Vineyards

    … In this episode of the Texas Wine Lover podcast, we talk to Neal Newsom of Newsom Vineyards. Neal has been a winegrower for many years in the High Plains of Texas. He tells us about his background, this year’s harvest, and his famous Newsom Grape Day. Neal Newsom Please remember to let us know what you want to hear on the Texas Wine Lover podcast because we want to bring topics that are of interest to you. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Stitcher …

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  • Becker Vineyards Library Tasting

    …. At that point, Dr. Becker spoke and explained to the group when they started Becker Vineyards, they thought they might do 5,000 cases eventually, but last year they ended up doing 100,000 cases of wine. Dr. Richard Becker He told us Becker Vineyards was the first to commercially plant and produce Viognier in the state of Texas. Even though their signature…

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  • Thoughts and Tips for Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

    … As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, folks start dreaming of a perfectly roasted turkey with all the trimmings. Everyone has his or her favorite side dishes—dressing or stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, or maybe even mac-n-cheese. Then, of course, comes the pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie! Things…

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  • Pedernales Cellars is Releasing Three New White Varietals

    … (STONEWALL) – Pedernales Cellars is pleased to announce the release of three new white varietals from the 2014 harvest over the next couple of months. The long-awaited return of Viognier – made possible by a favorable 2014 harvest – will be available in stores and restaurants across Texas, and both Albariño and Vermentino will be available…

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  • Pontotoc Vineyard

    … think there are too many 2013 wines from the Hill Country because of the weather problems in 2013. Pontotoc Vineyard produced 500 cases of wine in 2013 and expects to produce 1,200 cases in 2014. Pontotoc Vineyard has a wine club called Vino mas Fino. The tasting room for Pontotoc Vineyard is bristling with activity since the building has five…

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