Thanksgiving Wine

  • Fall Wines: A Warming Taste Trend

    … Wine styles are as seasonal as clothing. In the summer, I drink light, refreshing wines that remind me of a simple T-shirt and shorts: perfect for sun-baked beaches and country road strolls. But in the fall, my wine, like my clothes, becomes warmer, more layered and better able to combat those cool winds of October. Leanne and I chat about…

    6 readers - Natalie Maclean/ Natalie MacLean
  • 5 Tips to Pick Wines for Thanksgiving

    … turkey and all the trimmings that Leanne and I chat about in the video above. In my free online matching tool, you can click on “turkey holiday dinner” to find wines that accompany all kinds of dishes, from roasted turkey to turducken, from creamed corn to pecan pie. You can also choose Terrific Turkey Wines as a category from my wine reviews…

    6 readers - Natalie Maclean/ Natalie MacLean