• More than 36 Hours in Dublin

      As ardent lovers of travel, we enjoy The New York Times “36 Hours” column that outlines a day-and-a-half itinerary of sights and dining in cities around the world. So when they covered Dublin this past November, I saved the article to take with The Daughter and me on our recent, week-long trip there. As usual, the NYTimes was right on point with their suggestions.

      The Thirsty Kitten- 7 readers -
    • cocktail friend: dirty banana

      Yum to the rum. Just got back from Negril, and when you’re in Jamaica that’s what you drink. My favorite rum cocktail was the Dirty Banana – super refreshing and you’ll never feel guilty if you have it very early in the morning because it’s basically a nutritious shake! So here’s the recipe for 2 cocktails: 2 ounces coffee li ...

      grapefriend- 6 readers -
  • Looking Ahead Through a Glass Half-Full

    … The year kicked off just right, with Lighthall Vineyards 2013 Progression in hand. We made it to midnight (albeit barely), toasted 2015 and went to bed. Yup, my wild New Year's Eve celebrations put Times Square to shame, don't they? What two kids will do to you. I saved up the energy for a week-long family trip in Punta Cana, where I learned…

    Second Ferment- 2 readers -
  • bodegas gonzalez byass, jerez

    … Don't get me wrong: the Native Companion and I certainly appreciated our visit to Bodegas Gonzalez Byass, which occupies a seemingly Vatican-sized complex in the town's southwest. The canopied courtyards and echoing, dust-blackened bodegas of Gonzalez Byass are as awe-inspiring as any cathedral, and together comprise a truly resplendent monument…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 1 readers -
  • Wine On The Go, Spectacular Pairing, and Some Life Ramblings

    Life is an interesting thing (wow, what a deep opening thought, huh?). I was supposed to depart at 6 am on a direct flight from New York to Miami to attend the conference. Thanks to much-hyphed-but-never-really-happened blizzard, my flight was cancelled and I was automatically re-booked, now on the flight with the stop, connecting through Charlotte. Charlotte.

    Talk-A-Vino- 2 readers -
  • Sacred Introvert Glastonbury Travel Experience

    … I don’t normally post the press releases that I get, especially the travel ones because they are priced far above what I’d ever consider, much less what most of my readers would, I’m sure. But I found the idea of this travel opportunity enchanting–and I’m only 40% introvert! So if you, too, love the concept of a mindful, relaxing vacation…

    Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell- 2 readers -
  • Menu for EAT Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival 2015 Fresh Off the Press

    … Menu for EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival 2015 is fresh off the press. Quoting from press release: As part of the expanded week-long lineup, EAT! Vancouver will host 15 top chefs from across Canada who will participate in 35 unique culinary events including: A Collaborative Chef Dinner Series that sees EAT! guest chefs paired…

    Serge the Concierge- 2 readers -
  • Shaking It, Paris Cocktail Week, Semaine Coquetelle, Paris, January 24 to 31

    … From Dirty Dick in Sopi (South Pigalle) to Mabel (Montorgueil-Sentier) and Le Hibou in St Germain-Odeon, the city of lights is shaking it pour 'une semaine coquetelle'. A celebration of cocktails every which way, Paris Cocktail Week opened on January 24 and concludes on January 31, 2015. Thanls to Forest Collins for putting Paris Cocktail Week…

    Serge the Concierge- 2 readers -
  • New Year, New You!

    … Are you tired of the same ‘ole New Years Resolutions year after year? At the start of the New Year gym parking lots fill up, fridges are full of fruits and veggies, and Pinterest boards light up with “get fit” inspiration. However, come February the gym rats get their front row spots back, your Pinterest…

    Ken's Wine Guide Blog- 2 readers -
  • Recent Articles — Sicilian Meatballs on Wine4.Me

    …. “When I recently visited Sicily, I was impressed by not only the wines I tasted, but also the food and the people hosting us. From the simple, fresh ways they prepare their seafood to the unique uses for eggplant, or the signature Arancini di Riso (fried rice balls), I was exposed to many staples in Sicilian cooking that I’m not accustomed…

    Vindulge- 2 readers -
  • Walla Walla: February is for Foodies

    … intertwine. The property was fully renovated in 2001 and restored to its original grandeur, while adding modern updates to provide a truly luxurious experience for today’s traveler. The full grounds include a 127-room hotel with luxury suites, a state-of-the art conference center featuring grand renaissance ballrooms, six on-site wine tasting boutiques…

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  • Grand Dame, Arizona Biltmore is looking good after successful remodel

    … Since she first threw open her doors in 1929, the iconic Arizona Biltmore, has hosted countless world leaders, every U.S. president for the last 40 years, and copious celebs as well as just regular folks who are looking for some fun in the sun. I’ve always loved it there but if I can be brutally […] Perfect spot to watch the sunset Since she…

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  • Discover the Champagne Tourist Route

    … A vineyard in Champagne, France Have you traveled the Champagne Route in France? The Champagne Tourist Route in the Champagne region of France is long. The route is divided into five separate trails that include: Massif Saint-Thierry, Reims Mountain, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs Route, and Hills of Vitry Route. Whether visiting Reims…

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  • Spanish Hard Cider: The Golden Nectar of Asturias

    … Cider(Sidra) production in Spain is concentrated in Asturias and Guipúzcoa, two mountainous regions in the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Both regions produce a similar style traditional cider: dry, still, and cloudy with sediment. Asturian cider is called Sidra, while the Basque name for the fermented apple nectar is Sagardoa…

    John Perry/ Catavino- 3 readers -
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