A vineyard ('wine farm' in South Africa) is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for winemaking, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice. The science, practice and study of vineyard production is known as viticulture.A vineyard is often characterised by its terroir, a French term loosely translating as "a sense of place" that refers to the specific geographical and geological characteristics of grapevine plantations, which may be imparted in the wine.
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  • Anniversary drinks at Fleurie in Charlottesville

    … Anniversary drinks at Fleurie in Charlottesville Jenn and I celebrated our latest wedding anniversary by spending a family weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The one person I happen to know there is Erin Barbour Scala (Thinking-Drinking). We previous met in New York City during her days as sommelier at Public NYC followed by The Musket Room…

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  • Wandering Through Germany: Part 3 – Mosel

    … on lots of different winemaking techniques in the winery such as extended lees contact as well as different types of fermentation vessels. He offered as an example where after the 3rd century the Romans switched to oak barrels for fermentation because they showed better quality than the amphoras. “We need to learn the old ways so we can make them better…

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  • November 7-9: News Flash – Texas Hill Country Wineries on Instagram

    … account. Selected images will also be going to my other social media accounts at: Twitter: @VintageTexas – Facebook: Facebook Texas Wine Drinkers Group: Tumblr: Flickr: https…

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  • The MOST Overlooked Francois Cotat Wine (IMPORTANT)

    …This is the Francois Cotat Sancerre you Can Drink Young...It Can also Age (and It's Affordable) I love Francois Cotat as much as the next wine geek. It's not Sancerre, it's Chavignol I have caught myself saying on many a occasion. Or, age your Sancerre kiddies, is another one of my semi insufferable snobbish quotes. We all swoon over Francois…

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  • Traveling Burgundy Wine Country

    … Growers in the field Traveling Burgundy Wine Country Burgundy is like no other wine region I have previously visited. Our one-week stay in Burgundy sadly was not enough; there was much we did not see. We never made it to many of the villages we had hoped to visit. Most of our activity was centered near our rental home in the village of Puligny…

  • Maison Champy Chambolle-Musigny 2009

    …, red currant, and earth. I thoroughly love the palate as ripe and light red fruits showed through followed by a mild-spiced finish. It is elegantly rounded and absolutely delicious. I can’t stress how elegant this wine is. Retailing for about $50 it is sure to please your wine enthusiast(s) at Thanksgiving paired with your perfectly prepared turkey. If not this delicious bottle I would encourage you to check out another Burgundy. Sláinte! TCW …

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  • Fall Line Winery: Current and Upcoming Releases

    Recently, we had the pleasure to catch up with winemaker Tim Sorenson and taste through Fall Line Winery’s current and upcoming releases. We tasted six of their current releases and also previewed three other wines that will be released in the fall of 2015. While we were very impressed with all nine wines, we thought that the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2012 Red Willow Vine ...

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  • Wandering through Germany: Part 1 – Pfalz

    Earlier this year I went on a trip to visit some of the German wine regions. I was in Germany for a work trip supporting our European sales team and decided to do a speedy tour through as many regions as I could during 3 personal days I took at the end of my trip. It was an amazing experience which I was fortunate enough to share with my friend and (at the time) fellow MW student, Martin Reyes.

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  • Domaine Guillaume Baduel – the heart of Burgundy

    … is to not have oak flavors that overpower either the fruity flavors of the Pinot Noir grapes or the mineral character from the limestone in the soil. In the second photo, we are here with our Burgundy tour guide, Pascal Wagner (left) and Guillaume Baduel. In Burgundy it is very difficult to visit the small growers, so hiring a tour guide from the area is in our opinion very essential. The post Domaine Guillaume Baduel – the heart of Burgundy appeared first on Wine Country Getaways. …

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  • SonomaChat 25th Twitter Chat Anniversary Oct22

    … by searching the #sonomachat hashtag on twitter, and can view past conversations Use hashtag all week to chat, ask questions or give out tips, advice and PLEASE post photos. SonomaChat Ambassadors: Past Guest Host List: Future Guest Hosts 2014: Nov. 5th – Russian River Growers Association Nov. 12th – Stryker Sonoma Nov. 19th – Thralls Wines Nov. 26th – Holiday Edition – Thanksgiving Dec. 3rd – Halleck Vineyards Dec. 10th – J Vineyards & Winery Dec. 17th – Winery Geek App at Wine Country This Week…

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  • Village of Saint Aubin in Burgundy

    … From Highway D113 a view of the Saint Aubin vineyards Village of Saint Aubin in Burgundy As we mentioned in our previous Photos of the Day, we spent a week in Burgundy, renting a home in the village of Puligny Montrachet. Traveling up to the hillside vineyards we took Highway D113. The D113 is a beautiful country road that runs from Beaune…

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  • Winners at the 2014 Austin County Wine Show

    … this year’s judging, said, “I started making wine from kits in the seventies then in the nineties, when we started growing, I moved on to fruit and then grapes. Normally, I make dry Blanc Du Bois, but this year, I also made some sweet Blanc to keep some of my sweet wine drinking friends happy.” When I asked him what it took to make good wine with Blanc…

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