Vintage Port

  • Alfarroba: Southern Portugal’s Guilt-Free Dessert

    … and naturally high in fiber. This, along with its rich antioxidant effect from the polyphenols from tannins make alfarroba a fabulous digestive aid. Additionally, Alfarroba doesn’t contain any of the stimulant allergens found in chocolate – caffeine and theobromine - the chemical found in chocolate to be poisonous for dogs; hence, many “chocolate…

    Andrea Smith/ Catavino- 2 readers -
  • How Sweet It Is! Port for the People.

    … There’s an old saying that people talk dry but drink sweet – meaning they secretly drink sweet wines but are embarrassed to admit it. I love sweet wines and frankly there are some terrific versions out there; late harvest, Ports, fortified wines. My frustration with some winemakers is that they are adamantly opposed to sweet wines, believing…

    Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundz- 4 readers -
  • Portugal: Lisboa wine focus

    … "Stretching out to the north and west of energetic Lisbon, this big wine-producing region, traditionally dominated by co-ops, used to be called Estremadura; renaming it 'Lisboa' seems logical (captain) thereby closely associating location and identity with the Portuguese capital... The most common varieties planted here are, for reds, Aragonez…

    Richard Mark James/ Wine Writing- 5 readers -