Vodka (Polish: wódka, Russian: водка) is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings. Traditionally, vodka is made by the distillation of fermented grains or potatoes, though some modern brands use other substances, such as fruits or sugar.Traditionally, vodka had an alcoholic content of 40% alcohol by volume (ABV).[citation needed] Today, the standard Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Czech vodkas are still 40% ABV (80 proof). The European Union has established a minimum of 37.5% ABV for any "European vodka" to be named as such.
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    • Aspen: Apres Ski Cocktail Classic

      Aspen: Apres Ski Cocktail Classic January 12, 2015 By admin Experience the peak of après ski culture with the Après-Ski Cocktail Classic – March 5-8, 2015 FOUR DAY SPIRIT CELEBRATION MOVES TO THE LITTLE NELL AND OTHER ICONIC ASPEN SNOWMASS LOCATIONS The 3rd annual Après Ski Cocktail Classic returns in 2015 with new dates and a new home base.

      Wine Diva Lifestyle- 67 readers -
    • Review: Ballast Point Old Grove Gin and Barrel Rested Gin

      Ballast Point is a beer and spirits producer in San Diego, where the company churns out a dazzling array of products. Old Grove Gin is made with juniper, rose petals, coriander, and a total of nine other (unspecified) botanicals. Available in a straight and barrel-aged version, we tasted both. Thoughts follow.

      Christopher Null/ 8 readers -
  • Vancouver Visit to Stanley Park, Liberty Distillery, Fish and Chips, BC Liquor Store

    … ago, Vancouver had no distilleries and no happy hours. The space is tall, open but wood touches like the 19th century wood columned and mirrored bar render it cosy and retro. Another foreign bartender (this time from Ireland) slings us samples: All of Liberty’s grain comes from organic British Columbia growers. Their wheat-based Truth vodka is all…

    WAYWARD WINE- 3 readers -
  • Review: Jenni Rivera La Gran Senora Tequila Reposado

    … notes of charcoal, some pencil shavings, and a bit of raisin. The finish is clean, sweet, and with a final salute to agave on the very back end. It isn’t a groundbreaking tequila, but it’s a fully credible and capable one that works well either alone or in mixed drinks. 80 proof. B+ / $46 / …

    Christopher Null/ 4 readers -
  • Beer Advertising That Mocks Broadcast Boundaries

    … never see them drink it. We even see tequila and vodka pours on screen, but no drinkers. While there is no regulation on this by the Federal Communications Commission, broadcast networks have taken it upon themselves to avoid showing alcohol being consumed, ostensibly to avoid the ire of the religious right and to avoid pissing off advertisers who…

    Kevin Gibson/ The Alcohol Professor- 2 readers -
  • Review: Infuse Vodka Peach and Orange Clove

    … to enhance, not detract from. Even the peach notes are indistinct and a bit off-putting, more like a vaguely-flavored cough syrup than anything that came from the orchard. C- Infuse Orange Clove Vodka – Gentle on the nose, almost lemonade-like, with just a hint of baking spice. The body is equally restrained, a layering of easy citrus fruit with clove…

    Christopher Null/ 4 readers -
  • Review: Snow Leopard Vodka

    … notes and hinting at dense lemon oil and vanilla extract. The body is racy, alive with punchy astringency but rounded, balanced, and far from gasp-inducing. Some light sweetness — citrus focused — emerges in time, along with a distinct walnut character later on in the game. The finish is almost buttery and brings on more sweetness…

    Christopher Null/ 10 readers -
  • Boozehoundz’s Best of 2014!

    … berry, soft mint and eucalyptus, coriander and dried thyme. (Full review HERE) 2012 Lava Cap Winery Chardonnay (91 Points, $18). Stupidly good and inexpensive and from the unlikeliest of places – El Dorado County in the Sierra Foothills, this impressive Chardonnay has terrific acidity and the new French Oak is all caramel, and a subtle smoky…

    Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundzin Syrah- 3 readers -
  • Bloody Mary Recipe: UV Sriracha Vodka!

    … Bloody Mary Recipe: UV Sriracha Vodka! Sriracha Vodka, yes UV Vodka has done it again with another unique flavor for vodka. National Bloody Mary Day also known as New Years Day, where a hangover is universal, you can enjoy this savory beverage to help you beat that pounding headache. At first I was very hesitant to try this, but being that I…

    Sara Lehman/ Somm In The City - 6 readers -
  • Review: Wildwood Spirits Stark Vatten Vodka and Kur Gin

    … Wildwood Spirits is a new craft distillery located in Bothell, Washington. We tasted the company’s first two products, a solid vodka and a uniquely flavored gin. Thoughts follow. Stark Vatten Vodka – Swedish for “strong water,” made from heirloom, local red winter wheat in a self-proclaimed European style. I think that’s a reasonably fair…

    Christopher Null/ 4 readers -
  • Harvest Spirits Cornelius Cherry (NY)

    … Not long ago Serious Eats wrote about Harvest Spirits and their Cornelius Applejack, "When we talk about uniquely American drinks, bourbon gets most of the love, but if you really want to drink like a pioneer, you should be sipping applejack. This distilled product of hard apple cider may technically be a brandy, but it drinks and mixes like…

    Carlo De Vito/ East Coast Wineries- 4 readers -
  • GINUARY 5th: The Vesper

    … James Bond's drink of choice in Casino Royal. The vodka calms a bit of the floral notes in the gin while the Lillet adds a hint of sweetness to the mix. Stir this in a metal shaker for an optimum chill, and pretend you're as cool as 007... Ingredients: 3 oz Brokers London Dry Gin 1 oz Vodka ½ oz. Lillet Blonde How to: Build over ice, stir and strain into chilled martini glass. - Wendy Crispell, Certified Specialist of Wine …

    Frankly My Dear- 3 readers -
  • Toshiro Konishi: interview with Lima-based Japanese chef & master of nikkei cuisine

    … to hunt animals. Until 1500 in Peru the cuisine was mostly natural and based on agriculture. It was only after the Spanish came when the raw materials became less important. In France it is mixed. The Romans influenced them as they became mostly hunters and the food is therefore meat and sauce based. Whereas in the pre-Spanish Peru as well…

    Winebeing- 4 readers -
  • Review: Oregon Spirit Vodka and Merrylegs Genever

    … vodka, look no further. 80 proof. A / $25 Merrylegs Genever Style Gin – Genever-style gin is distinguished by being a distillate of barley wine, and sure enough Merrylegs stakes its claim on being “authentic” because it is indeed made from a base of 100% malt barley. The infusion bill includes juniper, coriander, star anise, green anise, pink…

    Christopher Null/ 7 readers -
  • Wall Street Journal: Craft New York Act Unleashes Craft Distillers

    …. Hayley Bartels for The Wall Street Journal. With fewer regulations, New York already is “one of the best states in the country to be a craft distiller,” along with Oregon and Michigan, said James Rodewald, author of a book on American craft distilling. Since early 2011, New York’s so-called farm distillers—which needn’t operate on an actual farm…

    Carlo De Vito/ East Coast Wineries- 4 readers -
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