Western Australia

    L.A.S Vino CBDB 2013

    … 2023 of 3000. $A44. 14%. Chenin blanc mostly with a small percentage of viognier and sauvignon blanc. The most interesting thing is the packaging. The vinolok glass seal is actually black, not clear as pictured. The CBDB stands for chenin blanc dynamic blend. The back label mentions L.A.S stands for luck, art and science and the liquid has been…

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    Castelli Porongurup Riesling 2009

    … This is still available by mail order from the producer – I picked up a bottle a while back when I put together a mixed dozen of Castelli’s wines. I also have more recent vintages to taste – so many Rieslings, so little liver function. This starts well. A lot of Great Southern Riesling has a particular fizzy lime character that’s quite…

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