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    • Celebrating that Special Bottle

      There are times in your life when you splurge on a special bottle, and wait for that right moment to finally open it. Sometimes you wait for the annual “Open That Bottle Night.” Sometimes you wait for the right company. Sometimes you wait too late and the bottle has gone bad. And sometimes it’s just a simple birthday… or so you think.

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    • NJ Wines to Buy for Christmas and New Year’s

      I keep thinking about wines! Which wines to bring to all our upcoming holiday parties? I often buy seasonal wines, NJ wines that I know the host likes or something unique to introduce to everyone. Below are my suggestions of NJ wines to gift or bring to parties for different types of wine drinkers.

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    • Concha y Toro, Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Chardonnay – Exciting

      Home Varietals Chardonnay Concha y Toro, Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Chardonnay – Exciting by Tim Lemke - Dec 14, 2014 The wines from Concha y Toro’s “Gran Reserva Serie Riberas” line come from vineyards along select river banks in Chile. “Serie Riberas” translates to mean river banks series. And it’s an interesting concept, knowing how influential rivers can be on a wines characteristics.

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  • C.H. Berres Impulse Riesling – A Delicious Zing

    … has lots of life to the fruit. Let’s get right to the notes on this one. The nose of this wine is delightful, with floral aromas providing the high notes and mineral providing the base low notes. The palate is also delightful, offering pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, green apple and mineral flavors. It’s got a lot of zing to it to, with outstanding…

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  • Old York Cellars Virtual Vines – Malbec and Riesling

    … Old York Cellars Virtual Vines – Malbec and Riesling December 3, 2014 by NJ Wine with Me This slideshow requires JavaScript. Have you tried wine tasting at home? If not, you should! With Virtual Vines, Old York Cellars has connected me to an online network of NJ wine afficionados, an expert wine maker, friendly and knowledgeable sommeliers…

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  • Sicily Photo Preview and Sicilian Wine Primer

    … of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Followed by incredible views like this… And vineyards that lead right up to the sea… And don’t even get me started on the food… Especially the meatballs. And the Cannoli… OMG the Cannolis!! Or all the sweets for that matter. And then the time where I was offered hands-on cooking lessons from…

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  • Salwey Pinot Gris – Simply Fabulous

    Home Wine Regions German Wine Salwey Pinot Gris – Simply Fabulous by Tim Lemke - Oct 19, 2014 The longer I run this website, the more I find that the wines that interest me the most are the ones nobody reads about. I don’t think it’s that others wouldn’t enjoy them, they’re just unique gems that folks don’t come across every day and therefore aren’t searching for info about them.

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  • 6 Albariños to try out…

    …-axis” like my hubby kept pronouncing it during our panel) is a region in Galicia, located in northwest Spain. It is a lush, green, and fairly rainy region along the Atlantic seacoast, directly above Portugal. Rainfall here is high, getting anywhere from 45-70 inches of rain. And y’all thought Oregon was wet and green! Albariño not only can survive…

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  • Deu La Deu Alvarinho – Mesmerizing

    … Home Wine Regions Portuguese Wine Deu La Deu Alvarinho – Mesmerizing by Tim Lemke - Oct 14, 2014 I refuse to let go of summer! Despite things starting to get cool outside, I’m clinging to summer and my favorite summer wines — like Vinho Verde. I’ve reviewed quite a number of Vinho Verde wines over the past couple years and one thing…

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  • Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwiches with Chimichurri Sauce

    … know I know, #firstworldproblems. So to jazz it up the next day we whipped up a chimichurri sauce and made sandwiches with the leftover meat. Oh. My. God. We’ve made chimichurri sauce several times in the past, but usually just to jazz up grilled flank steaks (or similar cuts). Serving it with the smoked tri-tip in sandwich form was simply…

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  • Friday Favorites — still rocking the rosé wines

    …, this one was very citrus focused with lots of lemon and lemon peel aromas and a touch of candied strawberry. Light bodied, fresh, and refreshing, it’s a nice match for salads and appetizers. I’m thinking something with prosciutto to bring out the wines savoriness. Yum. Lavau Tavel Rosé 2013 (Rhone, France) 13% abv | $15 (media sample) Made from 50…

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  • Louis Riesling – Yummy, Yummy!

    … between Oppenheimer and Nierstein in Germany. All fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks, which is pretty typical for riesling like this. Oak would just not be a good thing for this wine. Intense honeysuckle, pear, apple and flinty aromas make this wine sing even before it touches your lips. And once it does reach your lips the flavors…

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  • 3Spells Chardonnay – Crisp & Refreshing

    … Home Wine Regions Californian Wine 3Spells Chardonnay – Crisp & Refreshing by Tim Lemke - Sep 22, 2014 I’ve reviewed a few wines in the past from a small producer from California called Spelletich Family Winery, but it’s been a while. And I’ve never reviewed one of their whites… until now. If you’ve been reading this site for a while you…

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  • Horse Heaven Hills Wine Region — a preview

    … A few weeks back hubs and I ventured into the desert in search of… wine. No I’m not talking about Arizona, where I’m originally from. I’m talking about Washington State. But isn’t the Pacific Northwest all green and rainy? Nope. Once you venture over the Cascade Mountain range an entirely different landscape opens up to you. The desert. We…

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  • Recent Articles on Wine4.Me

    …. Need an idea of what to do with leftovers (chicken, beef, pork, veggies, etc.)? Tacos. Want something different for breakfast? Yes, tacos. Need an idea for quick dinner when it’s already 5:00 pm and you’re on your way home from work and forgot to thaw the chicken? Tacos! I recently discovered the easiest way to make killer verde chicken tacos — no crock-pot required Check it out HERE. You can find these articles and more on the Wine4.Me blog. Tagged as: Food and wine pairing, recipes, wine4.me wine app …

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  • Friday Favorites – anniversaries, box wine, and upcoming adventures

    … A roundup of my favorite things from the week in the categories of wine, food, travel, and lifestyle. WINE & FOOD Anniversary Food & Wines This week marked hubby and my 9th wedding anniversary. Though it fell on a weekday it didn’t stop us from going big for dinner. Hubs grilled up some amazing NY strip steaks doused with smoked butter…

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