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  • Germany North Wine Tour by ombiasy, 2014

    … and the annual production is 14,000 cases. Pictures: At Weingut Krüger-Rumpf in Münster-Sarmsheim, Nahe, with winemaker and owner Georg Rumpf Georg Rumpf has taken over the winemaking at Weingut Kruger-Rumpf, while his father Stefan now focuses more on sales, and his mother Cornelia manages the restaurant. The wines, gourmet regional food, the hospitality…

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  • English and Welsh Wines: Post Script

    … not a conventional wine and food pairing yet it worked well and we enjoyed both. This light gold coloured English sparkling wine has substance; is dry, smooth, and rich in flavour with just the right amount of bubbles. As I drink this wine, with its apple aromas on the nose, it opens up to the classic baked biscuity taste. Enjoying all these characteristics, I…

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  • High Tea at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore

    … as its headquarters. The General Post Office, under Singapore Post, vacated the building in 1996. In 1997, a Hong Kong investor acquired the Fullerton Building from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It spent close to another S$300 million converting the Fullerton Building into a hotel and building the two-storey commercial complex One Fullerton…

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  • To eat is (literally and figuratively) to live

    … My seminar (with Pedro Rusk) at Saturday’s K-J Heirloom Tomato Festival reminded me once again of what a powerful interest people have in learning about wine-and-food pairing and how to make fabulous foods. It’s interesting when you consider that people in this country are absolutely inundated with information about food. It’s a never-ending…

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  • English and Welsh Wines: A First Glance

    … be the product of fermented freshly crushed grapes.” (UKVA website) An important distinction to avoid making an unintentional wine faux pas when either buying or ordering UK wine. But I digress. Back to The Keeper’s House at the Royal Academy. A conversation with an employee reveals an interesting twist to their menu preparation and wine and food…

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  • When wine writers host public events

    … I’ll be co-conducting a wine-and-food pairing event at Saturday’s big Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival. It’s the eighteenth time the event, which is one of the biggest in Sonoma County, has been held—and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never gone. Everyone has told me how amazing it is, so I am totally looking forward to it. My particular…

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