Wine And Food Pairings

    • Thanksgiving Leftovers and Wine

      Last year, I wrote three posts about using leftover turkey to make recipes that would go well with wines. The posts were very popular, so I present the links again, for your continued enjoyment. Follow the link to find the recipe for Sweet and Savory Holiday Pizza, along with suggested wine pairings.

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  • Wine and Halloween Candy Pairings?

    … Definitely not my style, but possibly something interesting, though more likely disgusting - this week's WineChat explores pairing wine and Halloween candy. No way I could do that beyond basic dark chocolates, but perhaps someone has come up with an unlikely but tasty combo. Tune in Wednesday night at 9:00 PM ET and follow hashtag #winechat on Twitter. Like 50 States Of Wine on Facebook Follow 50 States Of Wine on Twitter Subscribe to the 50 States Of Wine YouTube channel …

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  • ¡Mucho Gusto! Get to know #Riesling

    …, Canada and Germany. ALL ABOUT ME: Riesling is a white wine that can be made in a variety of styles, from bone dry to sweet. The classic aromatic profile is a heady mix of lychee, white florals, citrus, white peaches and a distinctive petrol or kerosene smell in older wines. Rieslings have low to medium alcohol, rarely exceeding 12.5 percent ABV…

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  • Wine and Food Pairing Session Showcases Easy Tips

    … While visiting Messina Hof Winery & Resort in Bryan, Texas, we attended a wine and food pairing class presented by Melba Allen-Buillard and Karen Bonarrigo. Karen pointed out that there are no perfect rules for pairing wine and food. The old suggestion of matching red wine with red meats and white wine with white meats has some merit. So does…

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