Wine And Health

    • Melissa Etheridge brews pot wine

      We’ve heard a lot about pot wine, those special barrels where marijuana is infused in the wine as it ferments and ages. Of course, like unicorns, they don’t exist because if a winery were found to be making such a brew, it would be steeped in a world of pain that even a big fat one couldn’t help moderate: they would lose their bonded winery license.

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    • How’s Your Liver, You Wino? by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

      Let’s face it, we LOVE our wine. But, does our wine love us? There are many claims that wine, and other alcoholic beverages, offer some wonderful benefits for better health, especially for the heart. Some of those benefits include: Increased HDL cholesterol, (“good” cholesterol) Decreased tendency to form blood clots Protection in the arteries from damaging LDL cholesterol, ( ...

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  • Medicinal Wines

    … vats of wine with them to mix with the local water which prevented dysentery and other stomach troubles. In modern times, medicinal wine still holds a place in the health arena. Studies done on various red wines support the “French Paradox” wherein the French claim that those who drink red wine with their daily meals suffer less liver problems…

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  • Nasty plastic residues in wine, elitism, and the real cost of an MW

    … a very reasonable $60 to attend a WSET-hosted Champagne tasting or something (if, you know, you live in NYC or San Francisco or Chicago). Because really, that’s as good, isn’t it? And hence, once again, we have an opportunity for thoughtful and critical discussion on the internet sunk by smily faces and sheer lack of thinking. The degree to which…

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  • Winebits 349: Wine ingredients, 60 Minutes, wine judging

    …. The International Food & Wine Society website has a short piece discussing the “60 Minutes” episode, with a clip. Can it really have been 23 years ago? Have wine’s health benefits really done a 180 since then? • Keep it in context: Dan Berger adds welcome perspective to the debate about wine judging with this article. Unfortunately, given the size…

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  • Winebits 345: Sipping wine, wine in China, cheap wine

    … giving that advice away for free; I never was much of a businessman. • Bring on the cheap wine: This is not news here, of course, but is worth noting since it’s a health item, and how often does one see cheap wine and health linked? (And also why it gets an exemption from the blog’s ban on wine and health news). A British cardiologist says cheap…

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