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    Schiller’s Favorite Wine Bars in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    … be an evening with apple wine served in a Bembel. See: Schiller's Favorite Apple Wine Taverns in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Fourth, I can go to a wine bar in Frankfurt am Main. This posting provides an overview of the wine bars in Frankfurt am Main. The wine bars are ordered alphabetically. This posting is a revised version (update) of a posting of last year…

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    Schiller s Favorite Winebars in Beijing, 2014, China

    …. With less than a liter per year, the Chinese per capita consumption is however dismal. In comparison, the French drink 50 liters on average and the Germans 25 liter. But the number of Chinese consumers is huge. Thus, overall wine consumption is large. The Beijinger: With the blossoming of Beijing’s bar scene as a whole over the past few years, the city…

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