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    … I recently lauded fledgling 11ème wine bar Aux Deux Cygnes for bringing a bit of professionalism and style to its gentrification-frontier quartier. If that establishment's location is central to its charm, the same dynamic applies to another new Paris wine bar, the 9-month-old Monsieur Henri, which manages to be impressively discreet despite…

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    …-Parisian things, and visitors, for whom all things Parisian are novel. For an unintended consequence of France's imperialist adventures in Asia is that, a century and a half later, it seems plausible that Paris would contain excellent Vietnamese food. Aux Deux Cygnes, a well-appointed dollhouse of a wine bar on rue Keller opened three months ago…

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    32 Oldest Bars in San Francisco by Neighborhood

    … Where I’m home in San Francisco or traveling abroad,  I could use a good stiff drink, hand crafted cocktail, or a glass of wine at anytime. Want to play tourist in your own town or are you traveling to San Francisco and looking for a little history in the land of new technology? Look no further. Check out this list of the 32 Oldest Bars in San…

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    … name, Le Cave, a French pun* that doesn't scan in English. You have the shop's quixotic concept, which is to offer exclusively non-French natural wines. You have the fact that food is sold to-go, but no food is available for consumption on premises - not a cheese rind, not the barest sliver of charcuterie. Yet a rotating cast of the shop's exotic…

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