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  • 8 Urban Wineries & Tasting Rooms in Portland to Visit this Fall

    … In the big city and can’t make it out to wine country? No worries you can still get your wine on in Portland this fall. Try one, or all five, of these tasting rooms and sip away while the last leaves fall and the rain soaks the street. Portland Pairings Not sure what to have with dinner? Then head to Pairings Portland to grab a bottle and some…

    Oregon Winettein Pinot Noir- 2 readers -
  • Episode Recap: Bar Rescue Season 4, Ep 3

    … calling the shots. Hey guys, as an aside, I have a question. How has every show that has ever been on Bar Rescue ever not been legally shut down? Taffer recruits the help of Kate Gerwin, award-winning bartender and certified sommelier (at the age of 22, no less), and Josh Capon, acclaimed chef and restauranteur. In the kitchen, pizza is being made…

    Aliza Kellerman/ The Alcohol Professor- 2 readers -
  • Drinking (and grabbing a bite or two) in El Born, Barcelona.

    … Drinking (and grabbing a bite or two) in El Born, Barcelona. Posted by winesleuth in All, Food and Wine, Spain | 0 comments Oct 18, 14 I’m currently hanging out in Barcelona and getting to know the city. It’s not only a cheap holiday destination but a gorgeous city to wander around. As a wine blogger, I’m always interested in finding good…

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  • brothers in arms: le cave à michel, 75010

    … bufala and not the ubiquitous bad burrata we're currently wading through at apéro hour in this city. Otherwise, the physical limitations of La Cave à Michel's kitchen seem to have had a tremendously beneficent influence on Tischenko's cuisine. Almost every dish at La Cave à Michel is sufficiently spare for a diner to perceive the care taken…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 5 readers -
  • The 21 Best Wine Bars in the Country

    … September 23, 2014 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi Fifty years ago if you’d asked for a glass of Malbec, you’d probably be greeted with a long, awkward silence. Today, there are over 8,000 wineries in the US, and even more bars that are pouring out such a vast, global selection of wines that America recently surpassed…

    Jonathan Cristaldi/ Winetologyin Malbec- 6 readers -
  • reborn: vivant cave, 75010

    … bent of the old menu is a magpie aesthetic that, while rooted in France, borrows from as far afield as Lebanon, Japan, and Forstorp's native Sweden. A tomato salad with shiso leaves was literally smashing, a splendid example of Forstorp's effortless contemporaneity. The tomatoes had been torn apart, as if they had, on their way to the plate, first…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 3 readers -
  • les caves de reuilly, 75012

    …-vine Aligoté whose rear label, I noted, is somewhat misleadingly worded. Naudin-Ferrand cites the years the vines were planted in the various plots that make up the cuvée - but while it's plausible that the Aligoté vines from 1902, 1953, and 1936 are still in production, I'd be very surprised if Le Clou's 1034 vines were yielding much at all…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 7 readers -
  • insiders: monsieur henri, 75003

    … I recently lauded fledgling 11ème wine bar Aux Deux Cygnes for bringing a bit of professionalism and style to its gentrification-frontier quartier. If that establishment's location is central to its charm, the same dynamic applies to another new Paris wine bar, the 9-month-old Monsieur Henri, which manages to be impressively discreet despite being…

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  • aux deux cygnes paris 75011

    … an inroad of Michelin-trained hospitality experience to the historically scruffier field of natural wine in Paris. Cuny previously polished her skills in both front and back of house at Copenhagen's fêted restaurant Relæ, and briefly for deranged Paris wine villains Saturne. Watching Cuny serving bottles at the bar or fixing plates in the kitchen…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 7 readers -
  • 32 Oldest Bars in San Francisco by Neighborhood

    … Where I’m home in San Francisco or traveling abroad, I could use a good stiff drink, hand crafted cocktail, or a glass of wine at anytime. Want to play tourist in your own town or are you traveling to San Francisco and looking for a little history in the land of new technology? Look no further. Check out this list of the 32 Oldest Bars in San…

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  • le cave chateaubriand 75011

    I thought it would be bigger news when late last year Inaki Aizpitarte opened a shoebox-sized wine shop between Le Chateaubriand and Le Dauphin. Instead, outside of a few blurbs in the French press, it was basically a non-event. Curiously, and rather appealingly, this seems to have been intentional. You have the shop's almost Google-proof name, Le Cave, a French pun* that doesn't scan in English.

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 6 readers -
  • A Night at City Winery Chicago

    … I was excited to see another wine bar hit the Chicago wine scene. I've been to City Winery for drinks and tastings, but never had the opportunity to have dinner. I'm kicking myself for not being on Twitter fast enough to learn that Prince was performing a late night show at City Winery a few weeks back. That's an interesting perk of the space…

  • Wine Wand – WOW!

    … Wine Wand – WOW! Yet again, it has been a while since my last post…can’t say it has been writers block anymore. I have so much to say… My infatuation with tasting wine hasn’t waned and I was recently in touch with a new friend, Jeff over at Vini Wine Bar in Davis, CA. He is one of the great ones in this business, making wine accesible to all…

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