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    • Arizona Wine Grower’s Association Recognizes Excellence

      You’ve heard of pairing wine with dessert, but have you heard of wine from the desert? Over the last 5 years areas other than California have stepped into the national spotlight as wine producing regions. Washington State, Oregon and the Finger Lakes region of New York State have earned solid reputations for high quality fruit and wine making.

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    • A winecation kind of moment: Herzog Wine Cellar and Tierra Sur

      If you haven’t been wine tasting in Ventura County West lately, you should. This coastal town is trending big, offering some great wines and some unique restaurants. If you’re looking for a “winecation” kind of moment, this is it. The tourism folks got smart and figured out that marketing three different cities – Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura- stretching 22 miles under the mon ...

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    • Limited edition leather wine tote

      I am thinking you might enjoy knowing about the most sought after luxury gift for wine lovers this year. Here’s a chance to purchase one of a limited run of 100 wine totes. In partnership with legendary Italian leather goods maker Moreschi, Vinous ( the multi-media online resource for all things wine founded by renowned wine critic Antonio Galloni) introduces its limited e ...

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  • Exceptional wines for any kind of dinner event

    … Exceptional wines for any kind of dinner event By: Linda Kissam A dinner gathering of any kind gives our friends license to break out the good stuff. If you’ve been assigned to bring a wine, then this is the article for you. As the person responsible for bringing the evening’s, wine you have an opportunity to find that perfect wine…

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  • Dear Wine Snob

    … of it – and they have done so brilliantly. • Most of you refer to it as “wine Cool-Aid”. Yes, I know it’s not a serious wine but I don’t care. I like it. It inspired me to start this wine blog in 2009. In fact I would go so far as to declare myself a Nouveau snob. I’m unreasonably hesitant to try a Novello from Italy (although they are always…

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  • For the First Time Ever…Thanksgiving at Eddie V’s!

    …. The lighting is toned down, even a little dark but your eyes will soon adjust to it. The glass walk thru wine cellar There is a glass wine cellar that you walk through to get to one half of the restaurant. The other half of the restaurant is set up more like a wine bar, with live music at night. The reason I was at Eddie V’s was to experience…

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  • Franciacorta Italian Sparkling Wine Review

    … By Linda Kissam, Head Wine Chix Franciacorta Italian Sparkling Wine Review I had the pleasure of presenting a wine tasting of five incredible Italian sparkling wines at a food wine and travel writers conference ( in Montgomery, Alabama at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa * . The wines were from the Franciacorta…

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  • 3 New Releases from Paul Dolan Vineyards

    … Paul Dolan Vineyards Have you ever had any wines from Mendocino County? Until recently when I took San Francisco Wine School’s CWAS program I had not been exposed to a lot of wine from Mendocino. At many retail wine outlets the selection from California consists mostly of Central Coast and Napa/Sonoma, with very little from Mendocino. The area…

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  • Scottsdale’s Palm Court Restaurant receives Wine Spectator honors

    … Wine Spectator’s 2014 dining guide is a list of over 3,700 “restaurants for wine lovers” I was recently invited to experience the Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center’s Palm Court Restaurant in light of their recent inclusion on the Wine Spectator list. In addition to receiving the basic award for having a good wine list Palm Court…

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  • The White Doe

    … White Doe Wine The enchantment begins by Linda Kissam Head Wine Chix There are two things I like a whole lot. A good mystery and an intriguing marketing plan. Wait! Make that three things I like a lot – a good new wine, also. I’d like you to meet The White Doe, a new white wine from American Pioneer Wine Growers. Its first release… 7 readers -
  • How to find a REALLY good wine class in Southern California

    … Head Wine Chix, Linda Kissam How to find a REALLY good wine class in Southern California By Linda Kissam, Head Wine Chix Neptune at LCA classroom Wondering how to find a REALLY good wine class in Southern California? Good news. Your ship has just come in. LCA Wine located in the uber cool South Coast Collection (SOCO) in Costa Mesa… 1 readers -
  • Harvest time in Wine Country

    … time. Trione Pinot Noir grapes being sorted {Photo courtesy of Sherrie Housman} This entry was posted in My Dash, Sonoma County, Wine Blog and tagged harvest, Sonoma, Sonoma county, Trione, Wine, wine country by Jess Poshepny Vallery. Bookmark the permalink.…

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  • I love that I LOVE what I do!

    … talent and that day job will make you smile because it’ll be a part of you. This entry was posted in Adventures in L-O-V-E, Moxie's Best Of, My Dash, Wine Blog and tagged Food Blog, Sonoma, Win, Wine by Jess Poshepny Vallery. Bookmark the permalink.…

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  • Lubomir Stoyanov: Bulgaria’s ambassador of wine

    … Marc d’Entremont BY Marc d´Entremont guest contributor I travel, cook, eat, observe, interact, live and write. As a chef/food, wine and travel writer, I look for connections among people, their activities, the environment and what they eat that can tell the story of a region/culture, whether that be in the remote Andes Mountains… 5 readers -
  • Fine wine from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic

    … Fine wine from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic By Head Wine Chix, Linda Kissam Czech beer is great, but the wine program is trending Although the Czech Republic is famous for its beers, its premium (yes, premium) wine is the one to keep your eye on. In Moravia, on the country’s east side, the wine industry is gaining more and more… 7 readers -
  • A visit to Pride Mountain Vineyards

    … is the only American winery to have it’s wines served in 3 different White Houses under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. The greatness of Pride Mountain Vineyards wines is possibly the only thing the 3 of them can agree on! Pride has received wide spread critical acclaim over the years including four ratings of 96 points or higher for their Reserve…

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