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    15 Sommeliers + Bloggers, 60 Wines, 700 Wine Reviews Live Posting + Tweeting Today

    …Heather Wall, wine columnist for the Huffington Post and a frequent contributor to our review site, talks about our tasting yesterday with 15 sommeliers, wine writers and bloggers working their way through more than 60 wines. More than 700 wine reviews will be posted online and shared on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned…

    4 readers - By Natalie MacLean

    WBC14: My Thoughts on the Wine Bloggers Conference

    … It’s been a little over a week since I returned home from the Wine Bloggers Conference in Buellton (WBC14), and I’ve had enough time to form some opinions on the experience. Overwhelmingly, those opinions are good, and they come from the perspective of a first-time attendee who didn’t entirely know what to expect from the event. Did not expect…

    8 readers - By Rebecca Gomez Farrell

    Why You Should(n’t) Go to the Wine Bloggers Conference

    …As many of you know by now, I attended the Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC14–the number indicates the calendar year, not the number of events that have occurred–there have been seven such conferences) this past weekend. There are countless posts that … Continue reading →…

    3 readers - By the drunken cyclist