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    The Wine Blogging Community Is A Joke, Part Two

    … really get addressed in detail in my original post or the comments that followed. The important thing of which her email reminded me is that, individually, as wine bloggers, we have to represent. Like it or not, every one of us is, to the traditional journalist world, and to wine consumers at large who are not creating content about wine themselves…

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    The Wine Blogging Community Is A Joke (But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way)

    … During the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Barbara, I performed one of the more self-serving actions of my entire life (and that’s saying something, right there). During Corbett Barr’s keynote speech, I clapped deliberately and loudly when Barr told the conference-goers that the wine blogging community needs to do more to work together…

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    PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines

    … how a wine company actually operates. I have one friend who has said over-and-over again, and I can't argue with him, "With many of the people wine blogging, what they lack is the history." This history allows for a depth of experiences that enriches their stories... personal anecdotes that only they've personally experienced. Those traditional…

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    A Rant and a Solution for the Wine Bloggers Writing Workshop

    …, but then he suggested the entire piece be re-written to focus on the use of Acacia barrels in the region. Yes, that would be lovely, but it was a profile piece on the winemaker, not the barrel program. How helpful was that to the writer seeking help improving a profile piece? Then Steve Heimoff commented on my wine tourism piece about DeLoach…

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    My Wine Writing Philosophy

    … This Thursday marks the beginning of the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference, the first professional wine writing conference I’ll have attended. This is professional wine blogger behavior, right? It’s located in Buellton, which cracks me up because I spent my formative years just thirty minutes away in Santa Maria and honestly had no idea…

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