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    PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines

    … So many people are blogging about wine today: from pros, to connoisseurs, to hobbyists… Pros, it’s another platform. Connoisseurs, because it’s fun to share their thoughts, and maybe… just maybe… it will turn into later creds… like Robert Parker did for himself. Hobbyists are writing about their experience, simply because they enjoy the beverage, want […] The post PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines appeared first on Wine Blog. …

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    A Rant and a Solution for the Wine Bloggers Writing Workshop

    … I attended the Sunday Writing Workshop at #WBC14 led by Mike Dunne, Jim Conaway and Steve Heimoff, the same guys who were on the Saturday Wine Writer panel I wrote about here. The Sunday workshop had problems in my opinion, so I’d like to offer a solution on how to fix it for future conferences. Oh, and I’m going to rant a bit too, so read…

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    My Wine Writing Philosophy

    … it was a wine region until I moved to the East Coast after college. Unrelated to the conference, I’ve been asked what got me started wine blogging and why I write about wine a number of times lately, so I thought, what better time to jot down a treatise on that subject than right before I devote myself to it for four days straight? First and foremost…

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