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    Chat en Oeuf Blanc 2012

    … was really rather nice. Nobody expected that of a wine that has a label with a picture of a cat sitting on an egg (not in the egg as the title implies, but that would be weird, right?). It was a lemon colour with just a little hint of gold, it had good legs. It smelled fresh and clean with a little bit of apricot blossom and some floral sweetness…

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    Blossom Hill Winemaker’s Reserve Merlot

    …I was given this bottle of Blossom Hill Winemaker’s Reserve Merlot. It would be remiss of me not to tell you that, as this isn’t a bottle I spent my own hard earned money on. Don’t worry, I don’t have to de-friend anyone, I wasn’t given it as a gift, no-one brought it to the house, and it wasn’t left over from a party. No, a corporation sent…

    7 readers - By Erin Mellor/ Golly's Wine Drops

    Cork … It’s what’s for dinner

    … cork. I know there are all sorts of companies to deliver plastic to you, metal twist off caps, etc.. But, the process, the aromas, the aesthetics of using something natural, something coming from mostly Portugal, and the improvements to not allow TCA (Trichloroanisole) creep into this earthy product used to "put a cork in it" for wine bottles…

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    Who says you Can or Can’t?

    …What more evidence do we need? (this post is a follow-up to “Paper Wine Bottle to Rescue Wine Sales” and an interesting, but now unfortunately lost < and FOUND again>, conversation on Facebook about resistance to innovation) Quality wines in a can from Underwood (c) David L Reamer The Drinks Business writes an article about a packaging…

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