Wine Competition

    Observations From A Wood County Fair Wine Judge

    … For two different wine competitions I've had the honor of serving as judge. My first experience was at the Indy International Wine Competition. This is a world class competition with internationally acclaimed wines, world-class judges and an army of volunteers. Volunteers in white lab coats roll out wines in scores of wine glasses each of which…

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    Are You Ready For The Reality TV Wine Drama? It Is Coming, And May The Best Bottle Win!

    … he hired me. Gary taught me so much and Community was at the top of the list. So, Best bottle is a celebration of wine regions and those individuals who delicately craft amazing wines for the world to enjoy. Future seasons are planned to expand into a global competition by shooting future seasons in New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Spain…

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    Divine (and Gold Medal Winning) Wines of Eden Hill Vineyard

    … the judges at this year’s San Francisco International Wine Competition, the largest wine competition in America, with over 4,500 wines from 31 countries and 26 states. It would be easy for a wine to get lost in this competition, if it weren’t for the quality of these wines. In the case of the Eden Hill Roussanne, it was made from a white grape variety…

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