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    • Wine Profiling. Hands In The Air. Don’t Pull That Cork.

      waiting is half the fun! Do you really know what’s in the bottle in your hand? Sure you do. You know a lot about it. You bought it because you know it’s from a region you like. Or, for the incognoscenti, the label is pretty. It speaks to you. Perhaps you have insider information. A source of outstanding obscure wine knowledge, a de Gama like explorer of vinous worlds, has to ...

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    • Buying Wine: Our Favorite LA Shops

      stacks ‘n racks in Tarzana “Dimi. Why you do dees to me?” The sweet grandmother asked her son the priest with pain in her voice as Bill Friedkin looked in from behind the camera. The memorable scene from the Exorcist was almost as chilling as buying wine at one of your local haunts only to have it disappoint at the table.

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    • Five Rousannes. Some Tasted. All Captured.

      Chasing the Great White Grape Reaching across the continent, from the Best to the Least Coast we have “found notes” of wines tasted and pondered [ed. i.e., profiled.] Our Connecticut taster with the Rousanne Jones took a break from grading papers and reading decades-old class notes to weigh in on some of his recent encounters with the Great White Grape. That’s right mateys.

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  • Wine Reviews Bold As Love

    … still rainin’ still dreamin’ This heat wave have sapped tBoW’s strength. It is all we can do to pull corks and take notes. Nowatisane? So here they are. Fortunately, all wines tasted were deliciously notable. 2011 Regusci Chardonnay Stags Leap District Mary’s Cuvee $40 online: The power of an AVA in full glory! Stags Leap baby. Regusci…

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  • Wine Reviews

    … in Napa and especially Stags Leap. Authentic Napa juice. Some might say “legit.” Purchased at the winery couple years back. We raved about the Burgundian nature then. Poop. This is pure California Chardonnay juice. Gets 14 mos American oak. Serve it cold. Bracing feral flavors. If I was up there I am sure I would buy this bottle again. 14.2% 2013…

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  • Unnatural Sports R So Not Like Natural Wines

    … batter’s POV There are only three natural sports left in the professional world: futbol (soccer to us), baseball and hockey. If natural wines are unencumbered with artifice [ed. nice phraseologizing tBoW!] then these three sports likewise remain fairly true to their earliest paradigm. Baseball has Instant Replay which is the landmark…

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  • Cowabunga!! Labor Day, Monster Surf, Fine Wines

    … Brut “La Dilettante” $20 (K&L says they have it): Sparkling Chenin Blanc from the Loire. Yeasty, sophisticated, grapefruit rind, acidic. Loved it. Big hit with those holding glasses. Made by natural wine organic gorgeous (in photo) winemaker Catherine Breton. Committed to the natural movement! At $19.99 a U20 buy. 12% catch the twichen groove doods… COWABUNGA!! …

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  • The Naked Truth from an Underground POV

    … desert haboob? play on! The Underground Wineletter is one of the finest newsletters covering wine obsessions since the 1980s. John Tilson is the editor and publisher. He knows wine and is a very decent writer. Much better than the tripe found here [ed. Hey. We like tripe and buches too.] John loves many more California wines than the tBoW…

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  • Drinking Wines Before Their Time

    Diane Arbus was born on March 14, 1923, in New York City. "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." She learned photography from her husband, actor All ...

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  • Classy Chardonnay from the South of France

    There are two important dates coming up. On July 13th, the World Cup Final takes place and the following day is Bastille Day, France’s annual commemoration of the storming of the Bastille, a medieval fortress and prison in Paris, which took place on July 14th 1789, marking the start of the French Revolution.

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