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    • the Under Assistant Football Deflation Man

      Edit for headphones. Overdub. This is the long version, 13 seconds longer, with more spoken text at the end. From the bootleg "2120 South Michigan Avenue". The harmonica solo is much clearer on this bootleg. Recorded May 10 & 11, 1965. B-side of "Satisfaction", released June 6 (US) August 20 (UK) 1965. Released on "Out Of Our Heads" in July 30 (US) september 24 (UK) 1965.

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    • 2014 Gone. Keep Up with the Year in Front of You.

      “mi holiday getaway“ The year in review is a journalistic tradition; even a must-do. What was memorable about 2014? Who do we remember? What made the strongest impression? Who is writing this slop? Our most memorable bricks and mortar wine merchant is Paul Smith at Woodland Hills Wine Co. Smith was definitely the underdog on the LA wine scene when we first encountered him ab ...

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  • Xmas::NY Interweek & Xmas Tasting

    … should be an open house with guests arriving at will. Lots off eats offset the preponderance of holiday cheer. We focused on wines and champagnes. There were no duds. Here is what we managed to keep track of. Three Italian wines set the mark for winners bing bing bang. The first wine opened was the one in the center 2008 Cortones Brunello di…

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  • Siciliana Nero d'Avola 2013

    … and dry conditions of California's Central Valley and produce much better wine than most of the more popular varieties grown there now. Merlot, for instance, can produce outstanding wines, but not when it is grown in a very hot, very dry climate. In the expensive-but-worth-every-penny Wine Grapes (Robinson, Harding, Vouillamoz, eds., Ecco) Nero…

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  • Dip that Bird. Shorten the Holidays. 10 Days is Plenty.

    … IGTY says turkey is not his favorite dish. Unless it is dipped in boiling oil for 15 minutes. The dressing, the gravy, the meat. Too much. Wegottatellya. He has a point. And fuddamore… He is not alone when it comes to blaspheming the national sales event. “I am convinced that this horrible wine meal is best approached with Riesling, dry…

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  • Five Rousannes. Some Tasted. All Captured.

    …. Hoping it’s equal to the hype. Drooling. 2012 Domaine Farjon St Joseph Blanc. 80-20 Roussanne/Marsanne blend; the only two grapes permitted, adjacent Condrieu grows only Viognier. Sampled and bought in July from the winery in Malleval, a village in the heart of St. Joseph. Great wine, 12 euros from Madame Farjon. Check out Malleval! C’est fantastique! Rousanne around the world. Enough to make one visit Malleval… below. …

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  • Wine Profiling. Hands In The Air. Don’t Pull That Cork.

    …! Riesling must have high acid to make it palatable. Did the 2011 Blair make it happen? Are the Pennsylvania highlands the new Okanagan Valley only 3500 miles south and east and not at the northern tip of the Sonoran desert? We are excited to try. We have clearance to pull this cork on Turkey Day. This ain’t our first go-round with Blair. Duvel Golden…

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  • Buying Wine: Our Favorite LA Shops

    … to open. The “giftor” says the wine is outta whack while others find it full flavored and jummie. It is full and tannic. Worth buying once the price drops which it will. Sit on it at least a year. 13% 2012 Bucci Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi $20 ($48 on the list): Delicious white wine. The 250% markup on the wine list is normal. The wine…

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  • Wine Reviews Bold As Love

    … still rainin’ still dreamin’ This heat wave have sapped tBoW’s strength. It is all we can do to pull corks and take notes. Nowatisane? So here they are. Fortunately, all wines tasted were deliciously notable. 2011 Regusci Chardonnay Stags Leap District Mary’s Cuvee $40 online: The power of an AVA in full glory! Stags Leap baby. Regusci is about…

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  • Wine Reviews

    … Château Ollieux Romanis Corbières Rosé $16: Cuts through the spicy tuna poke. Good match. Acid and fruit makes a formidable combo. Melon flavor but what kind? Must be tangelo [ed. uh, not a melon]. Corbieres is Cab Franc country. This is 28% Cinsault and 35% Grenache Gris 35%. Yes. We think the balance of 37% is Grenache Noir. Love the Languedoc. Must return soon! U20 alert. 2012 Cambiata …

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  • Unnatural Sports R So Not Like Natural Wines

    … a Burgundy. We had a 1985 DRC La Tache like this. Lynne is right. Only buy wines ready to drink. Done. Finito. Nuff said. 13% 2004 Paul Lato Duende Pinot Noir $TAFI: The legend of Paul Lato has been documented on this blog several times. HE has achieved “old guard” stature in Santa Barbara wine country. He has a loyal following. His wines no longer…

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