Wine Labels

Wine labels are important sources of information for consumers since they tell the type and origin of the wine. The label is often the only resource a buyer has for evaluating the wine before purchasing it. Certain information is ordinarily included in the wine label, such as the country of origin, quality, type of wine, alcoholic degree, producer, bottler, or importer.
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    • Which Wine Label Would You Choose ?

      A spectacular vista of Rias Baixas Val do Salnés coastline Bodegas Vionta (Rias Baixas) sports an impressive view (above). You can see that most of the vineyards in Val do Salnés are quite small, in fact the average size for all of Rias Baixas is .59 ha. There are 4,759 growers in this sub region alone! Groupe Freixenet purchased the property in 2012.

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    • Winebits 359: Nutrition and ingredient labels edition

      Because the controversy about soup-style wine nutrition labels is not going away. • What do consumers want? As much information as possible, reported the British wine magazine Decanter, citing a study that says two-thirds of UK adults “actively support” calorie labeling on alcoholic drinks. Not surprising: That four out of five people surveyed couldn’t accurately estimate the ...

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  • Getting Inside The Head Of Siduri’s Adam Lee

    … in Pinot Noir wines at World of Pinot Noir, he swapped labels on two of his wines (one at 13.6% and the other at 15.2% alcohol) just to prove a point. That point is that a wine’s abv doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as a wine’s overall balance in how it presents itself, and its harmony among its constituent parts (tannin, acid, etc.). It’s…

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  • What is a Reserve Wine? Well, That Depends

    … The word ‘Reserve’ can mean a whole lot or a whole lot of nothing. Here’s what the words ‘Reserve’, ‘Riserva’ or ‘Reserva’ indicate on a wine label. Some countries have strict rules but, in the US, the word ‘Reserve’ doesn’t technically mean anything. Find out the true definition of a reserve wine. In the US, ‘Reserve’ doesn’t technically mean…

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  • Dirty Wine Names

    …We all know that Sex Sells. Marketing can influence purchasers of all products. Then why has it taken so long for wine producers to start branding with suggestive labels and names? It is very common for me to hear someone saying 'I pick a wine based on the Label' or 'This wine matches the decor in this house'. So the oenophiles out there cannot…

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  • Tips on Designing Your Own Custom Wine Labels

    … already made most of the mistakes in the book) perhaps you can benefit from the tips below. If there’s one thing I know about a great design it is that it starts with a great concept and you don’t have to be a designer to come up with that! Where to Get Your Wine Label Ideas For inspiration, the best place to start is to understand the 4 basic types…

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  • Label Gazing: How to Read a Wine Label

    … Admit it. You’ve probably bought a wine based on nothing more than a beautiful label. Most of us have been lured at least once by a wind-swept name like Jagged Peak scripted across a postage-size painting of a rustic hillside. Drink the wine, live the life. Not quite. After several disappointments, I started looking for austere labels…

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  • 2013 Manikay Cabernet Sauvignon

    … Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon Region: Coonawarra, Australia Cost: ~$13 Winemaker’s Notes: The marriage of Coonawarra’s unique limestone and deep red terra rossa soils gives birth to a magical Cabernet Sauvignon with the exquisite cassis character typical of the Coonawarra region. Velvety tannins balance the textured sweetness of the fruit. My…

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  • Message on a Bottle: Art on Wine Labels

    … on bottle labels, sometimes painted by famous artists. This Novello label above (and at the series at the very top) was created by Toronto designer Daryl Woods of Public Image Design. The marriage of wine and art is as old as Egyptian tomb images of wine vessels, as rich as a Dutch still life of grapes on a table, as spiritual as the illuminated…

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  • Introducing LabelVision: The 21st Century COLA Search

    … Last week, the folks at ShipCompliant officially rolled out a new service called LabelVision. To many in the wine, beer, or spirits industry, this new resource is a game changer. Instantly, we have access to over 1.5 million federally approved labels as far back as 20 years. To some, such a system may not seem much different from the TTB’s…

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  • The Trouble with Wine “Super” Stores

    You are a sophisticated wine consumer. You are looking for wine from a particular region. If it’s Old World, then that’s pretty easy. Need a French Pinot Noir? Head to any wine shop’s Burgundy section. Cabernet or Merlot? There’s the Bordeaux section over there. Sparkling? Look for the bottles with a shiny foil-covered round cork — those you can spot from over the tops of the aisles.

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  • Why wineries change their label design

    … Mostly, because they can. That’s one of the conclusions of an article I wrote for the Beverage Media trade magazine, trying to figure out why so many producers seem to be changing the look and design of their labels. Because, given the changes in the wine business, with more and bigger companies controlling more brands, it’s going to happen more…

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  • Wine With An Animal In The Name

    … If you’re a wine drinker (and shopper), you have noticed a very high usage of our faunal friends on wine labels. Do you care to guess which animal is the most popular in wine names? I did a little research, and I came up with some impressive lists – and some really funky names. I present to you “Wine With An Animal In The Name”. Sit back, relax…

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  • Behind Every Wine Label Lies a Real Personality

    … A label is only the surface-level story of the wine. A winemaker’s job, besides making the best wine possible with a given vintage, is often to be the face of the brand. Winemakers attend wine dinners near and far, and participate in market tastings to acquaint potential consumers with their wines. With so many bottles on the shelf to choose from…

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