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    Daily Wine News: Insanity

    Officials at the New York State Liquor Authority have gone completely insane. In the New York Times, Eric Asimov finds 10 Manhattan restaurants that “cherish” $40 to $60 wines. “At 80 she has the energy and enthusiasm of someone two decades younger. She’s off to Macchu Picchu this month and has a passion for white water rafting.

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    Daily Wine News: Wine & Sex

    In the Hérault department of the Languedoc — where harvest hasn’t yet finished — “six months’ worth of rain fell in a day.” Madeline Puckette explores wine and sex. “A well-stocked wine lover’s cellar only needs a cheap waiter’s corkscrew, a K-Mart decanter, and logo wine glasses from that cheesy Temecula winery where you’re a club member.” Ron Washam offers a “guide to drinking wine at home.

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      Taste wine like a Burgundian

      Wine Values and Bargains - - 7 readers - This is the best advice I have read, seen or heard on tasting wine. A quick exercise in wine tasting was given to me by wine educator and sommelier, Pascal Wagner. Pascal has been living in Burgundy for the past 18 years. Janelle and I are visiting France along with Vintage Wine Taster Ray and his wife.

      October Is Virginia Wine Month!

      Virginia Wine Time - - 6 readers - October is Virginia Wine Month! Wineries and restaurants that serve Virginia wine will be having activities all month to help celebrate Virginia Wine Month. To help you plan your month, here are a few resources to look into. There are lots of activities for you to participate! Nancy and Rick from Virginia Wine In My Pocket has put together “31 Days of Virginia Wine” to help ...

      Daily Wine News: Licking Rocks

      Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog - - 6 readers - “Françoise told us about how she used to think that, through taste, she would be able to find a correlation between the rocks and their resulting wines. As she said this, I looked over at Helen who was discretely licking the inside of one of these freshly smashed rocks.” Ted Vance spends time with Françoise Vannier, Burgundy’s resident geologist.

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      Daily Wine News: Windy AVA

      …harvest saw Italy’s wine production plunge 15 percent.” VinePair offers “11 of the coolest wine-themed tattoos.” The Eater crew chats with the bartender at Manhattan’s First Denny’s…

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      Daily Wine News: Skinny Jeans

      … that.” I agree. “It’s an ideological thing, alcohol level. It’s polemical. Good wine just tastes good. It’s not a political decision.” W. Blake Gray chats with David Ramey. “Pennsylvania plans to destroy 2,447 bottles seized from Arthur Goldman, a Philadelphia-area lawyer who was charged this year with illegally reselling wine.” An illegal operation…

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      Celebrate Champagne Day Oct. 24th!

      … MacLean. This year Consumers across the U.S. will have many special opportunities to enjoy Champagne with a host of Champagne Day deals at retailers, bars and menu pairings at restaurants and other spontaneous celebrations. The Champagne Bureau, USA is also supporting the large Champagne social media conversation. Wine lovers around the globe…

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      Daily Wine News: Esprit Calvados

      … methods.” In New York Magazine, Matthew Giles explains “Why Amar’e Stoudemire and a Bunch of Other Rich People Are Bathing in Red Wine.” Jamie Goode urges wine producers to “just pick earlier.” Matt Kramer offers a “trick to instant wine geekdom.” In Willamette Valley, according to Harvey Steiman, “the French Keep Coming.” “Wine experts…

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      Loire Valley Wine: France’s Royal Wine Region (VIDEO)

      … Loire Valley Wine Holds Court There are 10 main wine producing regions in France. The most famous of course are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Loire Valley wine might not be as well known but the heart of France is holding its own. The Loire Valley is the most massive and most diverse wine producing region in France. The Loire Valley can…

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      Frantic Parent Syndrome Highlighted in Wine TV Ads

      … It’s not often that voters here the words “wine” in those wonderful campaign ads that control the airwaves during election season. However, voters in Tennessee are getting a glass full in the run up to the November election. Having recently passed a law that (finally) allows Tennessee grocery stores to sell wine, the new wine-in-grocery-stores…

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      Daily Wine News: Mission California

      … From Wikimedia Commons. “If you blinked while driving past California’s vineyards this year, you might have missed it.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné looks at this year’s compact and early harvest. In London, a California wine bar has opened! It’s called Mission. “Such is the power of the prestigious Priorat name and relative…

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      Winebits 356: Big Wine edition

      …. You might have heard of some of its brands, like Bota Box and Gnarly Head, but the winery itself is perfectly happy to be little known. That’s why this two-part interview (here and here) with Delicato president and CEO Chris Indelicato, conducted by the Shanken News Service is worthwhile. Indelicato talked about wine prices and that another big…

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      Daily Wine News: Tannic Bath

      … will deserve such praise. Bill Ward asks some friends to share “an oh-wow experience at a particular vineyard or AVA.” The stories are great. In contrast to all the recent praise, W. Blake Gray thinks American Wine Story is a “boring documentary without a plot.” In Punch, Adam Houghtaling takes a close look at the commercials Errol Morris created for Miller High Life between 1998 and 2005. For more than six months, Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire “has been taking baths in red wine at a spa to help his body rejuvenate.” …

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      Daily Wine News: Vines & Soil

      … a national issue in France.” Wink Lorch has the details. “Italy is not as set up for the tourism side of wine visits in the same way as California. They are in the process of developing this side of the business (wine tourism), but it’s still pretty much a mamma-papa kind of business.” In Grape Collective, Jameson Fink chats with Alfonso Cevola…

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      Loire Valley Wine Country and Wine Bargains

      … country home near the village of Chitenay. The weather did an about-face on us. The weather has been overcast with off-and-on rain the entire week. Despite the gloomy weather, we are enjoying the wine country and the amazing Chateaux of the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley is huge compared to Burgundy. The Loire Valley runs west to east for some 250…

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      Daily Wine News: Improbable Darlings

      … From Wikipedia. In Punch, Alice Feiring visits Georgia, whose “wines have become improbable darlings in the natural wine world.” “De Villeneuve’s survival is a good thing for Provence wine.” Robert Camuto chats with Raimond de Villeneuve, who is in his 20th vintage at Château de Roquefort. Villeneuve lost his entire, 62-acre crop after…

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      In Defense of Excess(ive) Wine Writing

      …While it is true that the vast majority of wine that is sold and drunk in the U.S. is sub-$10 basic stuff of little note or interest, that’s no reason for a writer (or publisher) to focus on these wines. The best of the best is much more interesting. And the same can often be said of travel, automobiles, other consumables, etc, etc: These much…

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