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    Taste wine like a Burgundian

    … and the Loire Valley for one week each, followed by a few days in Paris before heading home. In Burgundy, we are renting a home in the village of Puligny Montrachet. The owner of the home recommended Pascal Wagner as a tour guide. We hired Pascal for one day to give us a complete introduction to the wines of Burgundy. This man lives and breathes…

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    Daily Wine News: A Minor Player

    … Antinori. In Wine-Searcher, Tim Atkin explains “how a bunch of hippies, dreamers and academics came to rescue” Priorat. In Palate Press, Tracy Ellen Kamens wonders if high quality Cava is an oxymoron. Louis Roederer has created a new Champagne for the first time since 1974: A Brut Nature Champagne from the 2006 vintage. Tom Natan isn’t convinced…

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    The Fake Tongue Illusion and Wine Tasting

    … slack. Even when we think we're getting it right, we're at the mercy of our own mysterious wiring. Read the full story. Tongue anatomy courtesy of Bigstock. Posted by: Alder on September 30, 2014 9:57 PM Tweet Share this post elsewhere: Digg it! - Add to - Add to Stumbleupon - Add to Reddit Filed under: Ramblings and Rants , Wine News Comments (0) Comment on this entry…

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    October Is Virginia Wine Month!

    …October is Virginia Wine Month! Wineries and restaurants that serve Virginia wine will be having activities all month to help celebrate Virginia Wine Month. To help you plan your month, here are a few resources to look into. There are lots of activities for you to participate! Nancy and Rick from Virginia Wine In My Pocket has put together “31…

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    Daily Wine News: Soulful & Expressive

    … [will] find yourself shouting at kids to get off your lawn.” “The result are soulful, expressive wines with a wild, almost feral component, as if you can taste blood, granite, iron ore and, yes, sweat in the wines. I mean this in the best possible way.” Eric Asimov praises the wines of Cornas. “Changing your subjective filter will deliver new results…

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    Winebits 353: Special rose edition

    …Because rose is no longer the province of cranks like the Wine Curmudgeon, but has become real wine celebrated by the wine establishment. • Making money with rose: South Africa’s Mulderbosch, whose rose is regularly featured here, has discovered that rose is profitable. Or, as a leading Winestream Media outlet put it, part of the “high-flying rose…

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    Daily Wine News: Nasty Feud

    … Flickr, Spring Dew. “Should wine, broadly speaking, be ripe, luscious and powerful, or should it be lean, racy and restrained?” In Food & Wine, Ray Isle writes about “Wine’s Nastiest Feud.” “Look out for the collection of one of Jura’s cult vineyards, Domaine Overnoy-Houillon, whose much sought-after wines rarely appear on Parisian wine…

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    What the media didn’t tell you about the CDC alcohol death study

    …This is not a critique of the science in the Centers for Disease Control study that equated drinking wine with dinner as binge drinking. I’m not a doctor or researcher. I’m also not questioning the health, emotional, and social costs of alcoholism; I’ve attended too many funerals. Rather, this is a critique (based on a story I wrote for the Wine…

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    Catching the Crush in the Napa Valley

    …I have been very lucky the last couple of trips to the Napa Valley. I was able to watch the harvest at two different vineyards in the Valley. I have also had the chance to see the sorting and crushing of grapes and the tanks filled with the delightful smell of fermenting grapes. To me it is the most exciting time to be in wine country. The harvest…

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    Daily Wine News: Since 1300

    … The view from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Vinci, Tuscany. (Wikimedia.) “The debate over what kind of vineyards are most compatible with the environment has been taking place here since 1300.” In Tuscany, a new rural preservation plan has ignited a war with grape growers. “In northern Oregon, delicious, highly coveted wines are being made…

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    Daily Wine News: Dark Moments

    …harvest in Champagne slowly draws to an end, many growers and houses are happy with this year’s crop, as a warm, dry September helps boost the grape quality.” In Wine-Searcher, Caroline Henry shares this wonderful news. In Grape Collective, Jameson Fink chats with Frank Morgan of Drink What You Like. (Frank is my go-to source on all things…

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    Daily Wine News: Important Guide

    … “Regular consumption is the single most important characteristic of the confident wine lover.” Eric Asimov offers a guide to drinking wine at home. “In all his years in the wine business, [Alexander Stuempfig of European Cellars has] never had the response he got for this sherry tasting and seminar.” In the Los Angeles Times, S. Irene Virbila…

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    Winebits 352: Red wine, wine brands, three-tier

    …• Bring on the red wine: Americans, apparently, drink more red wine than white. This is not news, though for some reason a writer at the Washington Post who doesn’t write about wine (and there seem to be so many of them) thinks it is. Red wine has traditionally outsold white, but a white, chardonnay, remains the best selling wine in the U.S…

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    Daily Wine News: Congrats, Chambers!

    … Jancis Robinson names Chambers Street Wines the “best independent wine merchant in the world.” “I think of great Washington Cabernet showing a slightly different arid quality. They can be brighter in their fruit and sometimes more floral, but more than anything they are reflective of the eastern Washington desert, adding just the right…

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