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  • Italian Winemakers Discover Global Warming Secret Weapon (VIDEO)

    … planted in the last years are much higher than we would have done 30 years before. Alessandro Lunelli: It’s about having a family and a business. You have long, strategic plan. And you don’t think about tomorrow. You think about the next generation. Monique Soltani: There are only about 220 master sommeliers in the world. Virginia Philip is one…

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  • Winebits 357: Special Halloween edition

    … Because the Wine Curmudgeon always gets a giggle when others try to turn Halloween into a wine holiday. • 31 Halloween wines: Seriously? Indeed, says GreatWineNews. All of the usual wines are there, like Phantom and Ghost Pines, plus some I’ve never heard of and some that seem like a stretch, including a rose. And the writing, much of which…

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  • Daily Wine News: Windy AVA

    …harvest saw Italy’s wine production plunge 15 percent.” VinePair offers “11 of the coolest wine-themed tattoos.” The Eater crew chats with the bartender at Manhattan’s First Denny’s. …

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  • Daily Wine News: Skinny Jeans

    … that.” I agree. “It’s an ideological thing, alcohol level. It’s polemical. Good wine just tastes good. It’s not a political decision.” W. Blake Gray chats with David Ramey. “Pennsylvania plans to destroy 2,447 bottles seized from Arthur Goldman, a Philadelphia-area lawyer who was charged this year with illegally reselling wine.” An illegal operation…

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  • Celebrate Champagne Day Oct. 24th!

    … Friday, October 24th marks the Fifth Annual Champagne Day, a celebration of the sparkling wine from the only place from which “Champagne” is produced: Champagne, France. Sponsored by the Champagne Bureau, Champagne Day seeks to remind consumers that while they can drink lovely sparkling wines from anywhere in the world, only wine produced…

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  • Loire Valley Wine: France’s Royal Wine Region (VIDEO)

    Loire Valley Wine Holds Court There are 10 main wine producing regions in France. The most famous of course are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Loire Valley wine might not be as well known but the heart of France is holding its own. The Loire Valley is the most massive and most diverse wine producing region in France.

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  • Frantic Parent Syndrome Highlighted in Wine TV Ads

    … It’s not often that voters here the words “wine” in those wonderful campaign ads that control the airwaves during election season. However, voters in Tennessee are getting a glass full in the run up to the November election. Having recently passed a law that (finally) allows Tennessee grocery stores to sell wine, the new wine-in-grocery-stores…

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  • Daily Wine News: Mission California

    … From Wikimedia Commons. “If you blinked while driving past California’s vineyards this year, you might have missed it.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné looks at this year’s compact and early harvest. In London, a California wine bar has opened! It’s called Mission. “Such is the power of the prestigious Priorat name and relative…

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  • Winebits 356: Big Wine edition

    …. You might have heard of some of its brands, like Bota Box and Gnarly Head, but the winery itself is perfectly happy to be little known. That’s why this two-part interview (here and here) with Delicato president and CEO Chris Indelicato, conducted by the Shanken News Service is worthwhile. Indelicato talked about wine prices and that another big…

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  • Daily Wine News: Tannic Bath

    … Eric Asimov concludes that “2010 was an outstanding year for Barolo.” “The young breed of ‘New’ Californians and ‘New’ New Yorkers are bringing vibrancy and energy to the sorting table.” And that makes Alfonso Cevola very happy. Will Lyons believes the wines of Chêne Bleu “could be the world’s first Super Rhône.” “The past decade or so has…

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  • Daily Wine News: Vines & Soil

    … “If Yvon Métras wines stand out, that’s in large part because he takes cares of his vines and soil, using a cable-powered plow to get rid of the grass, not chemicals, and on these steep terroir this is not an easy job.” Bertrand Celce profiles Yvon Métras.” “What became clear as the members of the panel spoke, however, was that Kurniawan’s…

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