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  • Winebits 365: Christmas wine edition

    … Christmas wine advice and news from around the Internet: • Ripe and lively: Terrific Christmas wine advice from Susy Atkins at London’s Telegraph newspaper. “This year I’m seeking fresher, more vivacious styles of red for the big day. Fed up with the many heavy, tannic, even jammy wines out there (blame the more commercial producers in hot…

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  • Daily Wine News: Right Now

    … Rudy’s fake labels. In Food Republic, Chad Walsh lists “The 9 People You Need To Know In American Wine Right Now.” In Decanter, Chris Mercer reports: “A year since Rudy Kurniawan was convicted for mass wine fraud… experts are preparing to enter his private cellar to see if wines can be sold to compensate victims owed nearly $30m.” VinePair…

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  • Daily Wine News: Museum-ification

    … that, really, has little importance.” The HoseMaster turns his site over to Lo Hai Qu so she can comment on wine magazines. W. Blake Gray opens nearly 20 bottles of wine to find something for dinner. But his palate was off. In Bloomberg, Hannah Goldfield explains “Why You’re Drinking Champagne All Wrong.” Writing about the best palate cleansers, Jessica Yadegaran says that “rare roast beef… works like a ninja on tannins in big red wines.” In the Los Angeles Times, Margy Rochlin asks Lou Amdur what to drink for Hanukkah. …

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  • Winebits 364: Corks, liquor stores, restaurant wine

    … it has in Kentucky and Alaska. Shanken News Daily reports that the company has identified possible sites for expansion, and has hired executives away from Walmart and Total Wine and More to oversee the process. The chain expects to carry as many as 8,000 wines in its new stores. If Dallas is any indication, another national retailer with deep pockets…

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  • The “F” Word and Mother Nature’s Lady Parts: VINTAGE 2014

    … If you think you know what someone means when she says “the ‘F’ Word,” you probably have not spent much time with a winemaker. Talk of Lady parts and Mother Nature’s ass — it was not quite was I expected when Wil Fernandez sent me a sneak preview of VINTAGE 2014: the stories behind the vines. I have seen some of the initial filming…

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  • Daily Wine News: Puffeney To Retire

    … From At year’s end, Jacques Puffeney will retire. He plans to lease most of his vineyards to the Burgundy producer Marquis d’Angerville for its Domaine de Pélican label. Jonathan Lipsmeyer is convinced that “we’re star struck with aged wine” because we’re preoccupied “with our own mortality. To bridge “the UK’s polarized…

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  • Winebits 363: CDC, lawsuits, Big Wine

    … of which is Layer Cake. In this, what the wines taste like barely comes up, though there is plenty of discussion about pricing, distribution and the three-tier system, and margins. Which is what the wine business really is, and not all that foolishness that the Winestream Media would have you believe. The post Winebits 363: CDC, lawsuits, Big Wine appeared first on Wine Curmudgeon. …

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