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    Tallying the Damage from the Napa Quake

    … the cost, especially considering you basically get free, searchable access to the Oxford Companion to Wine ($65) and the World Atlas of Wine ($50) as part of the subscription costs. Click here to sign up. Posted by: Alder on September 20, 2014 9:21 AM Tweet Share this post elsewhere: Digg it! - Add to - Add to Stumbleupon - Add to Reddit Filed under: Ramblings and Rants , Wine News Comments (0) Comment on this entry…

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    Daily Wine News: Scandalous

    …, Michelle Locke “learned to love big reds.” “There’s a lot of noise surrounding England’s burgeoning wine industry. But what tends to get overlooked is the fact that Britain already produces two world-class beverages: Scotch whisky and cask-conditioned beer, or ‘real ale.’” In the Wall Street Journal Europe, Will Lyons praises England’s “real ale.” …

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    Daily Wine News: Fighting Fakes

    … “For collectors like Koch, who recently choked up while extolling the craft of the winemaker to Brian Ross of ABC News, the incentive to end counterfeiting isn’t strictly financial. The current onslaught of impostor bottles detracts from the pleasures of a six-figure magnum.” In Bloomberg, Mark Ellwood writes about the fight against fake wine…

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    Morgan Neufeld talks about WSET Level 3 from the Texas Wine School

    … Amy met Morgan Neufeld one Wednesday morning in June at Camerata at Paulie’s where she was attending Banfi’s Cru Artisan College. Friendly and bubbly, Morgan was in the middle of her Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 certification course and attending the “College” to learn more about the Luxury Selections of the Banfi portfolio…

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    Introducing the Vintage Atlantic Wine Region

    …Critical mass – “In social dynamics, critical mass is a sufficient number of adopters of an innovation in a social system so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.” — Wikipedia This was the theme on Tuesday, September 16th at the official launch of the new Vintage Atlantic Wine Region at Auburn Road Winery…

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    Daily Wine News: Bridge Champion

    … Flickr, Norman27. “How does someone amass a wine collection worth $15 million? That’s a little more than late-night binge shopping at an online wine store.” In Wine-Searcher, Tyler Colman profiles Roy Welland. “You probably haven’t heard of Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak.” But as W. Blake Gray explains, “some smart wineries are placing big…

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    Daily Wine News: Calling Bullshit

    … of the largest contiguous vineyards in California. “Now in their mid-80s, each walks with a cane. They’re practically Sonoma County icons, and yet there’s plenty we don’t know about them.” In the Press Democrat, Peg Melnik spends some time with Barry and Audrey Sterling, the co-founders of Iron Horse Vineyards. “What comes through loud and clear are his…

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    Winebits 351: Wine glasses, wine laws, and economic growth

    … • Do wine glasses matter? The answer is no, says the Vinepair website in a post that includes the sentence, “Any industry that marries the existence of experts, the spending of cash, and the words ‘acquired taste’ as exquisitely as the wine industry does is bound to intimidate the uninitiated.” Which was a guarantee the Wine Curmudgeon would…

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    Daily Wine News: Another Look

    … in ‘-aia.’” And he finds lots of Super Tuscans worth buying. “It’s too early for the heavy, full-bodied reds just yet,” so “as autumn approaches,” Will Lyons is turning “away from the spritzy, bright acidity that was so refreshing in summer to heavier, smoother whites.” In the Mercury News, Jessica Yadegaran visits Turley Wine Cellars new winery…

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    Cassinelli Winery & Vineyards, Church Hill, MD – July 13th, 2014

    … Maryland, day two. My sincere apologies that it took two months to cover a two day road trip. Come to think of it, it may be a good incentive to live each day to the fullest and extend the good times. Or something like that. Enough rambling. Cassinelli Winery is located south of Chestertown on Rt. 213 in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore…

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    WBC 2014 and the Wine Blog Awards – Part 2

    … a coincidence, it looks, walks and smells like a duck raised on a dung heap. This isn’t the first time Amy has told the WBC its awards were not being spread around even though the number of actual wine blogs was increasing exponentially. You see Amy was on an advisory panel for the WBC and was a big proponent on limiting winners to two years, as to give…

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    Josh Cellars Salutes 1st Responders Contest - Nominate Your Hero!

    …Now through September 17, nominate your hero for a chance to wine a $10,000 grant for their organization! We're taking a bit of a break from our normal schedule of reviews today for a very worthy cause - supporting our nation's first responders. Josh Cellars, the winery behind The Reverse Wine Snob recommended Cabernet Sauvignon (Josh Cellars…

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