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    Sauvignon Blanc

    … By Steve Jacobson – It’s SUMMERTIME!  And I have advocated making a great Sangria for a refreshing wine beverage to cool things off. Another way is to drink SAUVIGNON BLANC.  In my opinion, this is a misunderstood varietal that has often gotten the short end of the wine glass by wine snobs and Chardonnay lovers.   I know… I used to be one…

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    #winePW 3: Wine for Summer’s Bounty. Will Garnacha Do the Trick?

    … Wine for Summer’s Bounty is the theme of this month’s Wine Pairing Weekend  where we, along with other food and wine bloggers, put  a meal together around the theme, select a wine to pair with the meal then write about it. It’s great fun to plan the meal and wine pairing and then to read about the pairings other bloggers planned…

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