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    Aged Riesling fromt the Angels

    … Fans of ‘aged’ Riesling will love this new release from Angels Gate. Wonderful freshness and purity along with the herbaceous/petrol flavours that characterize aged Riesling. Not as rich as the Alsace variety – more of the purity and mineral zing of a German Mosel. ANGELS GATE 2009 Riesling ‘Mountainview’ VQA Beamsville Bench 373175 $16.95…

    5 readers - By Billy's Best Bottles

    G.D. Vajra in Barolo – “clean traditionalist”

    … Giuseppe Vaira was caught in a fight when he was in elementary school. It wasn’t the sort of meet-you-at-the-bike-racks kind of thing. No, it encapsulated what might happen only to the son of a winemaker, or even the son of a Barolo winemaker. He was classmates with two other kids who were also from wine families. One said proudly that he…

    3 readers - By Tyler Colman/ Dr Vino's wine blog

    Burgundy hit by hail — again

    … rules sometimes disallow nets. Further, some skeptics of nets say that they reduce the amount of light the plant receives. It is very sad news that will undoubtedly make some growers re-think pinning their financial hopes on the roulette of Mother Nature. And it will likely reduce the crop from some of my favorite appellations, which will compound the problem of rising Burgundy prices. The post Burgundy hit by hail — again appeared first on Dr Vino's wine blog. …

    1 readers - By Tyler Colman/ Dr Vino's wine blog

    World wine consumption: USA up, France down

    … The OIV, an international wine organization based in Paris, released their annual report of the state of the wine world last week. In it, they showed the US market becoming the largest in the world for the first time. Even though this got some play last week, we already broke out the foam fingers a couple of years ago when another organization…

    1 readers - By Tyler Colman/ Dr Vino's wine blog

    Opus One: The Evolution of an Icon Pt. 2

    … Rick Bakas When I told some friends I was going to visit Opus One on my birthday they scoffed. “Ooooh, GOD! They are sooo pretentious there!” they said. “Don’t forget to kiss the ring on the way in”. I brought my Mom and Mrs. B along for the ride because, hey, it was my birthday. Not sure…

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    Opus One: The Evolution of an Icon pt. 1

    … Rick Bakas Twenty years ago if you were in a restaurant and ordered a bottle of Opus One you were important. You were a fine wine connoisseur and you liked the best. Opus One raised the bar for Napa Valley and for domestic wine. If you were drinking Opus One you were drinking a regal wine that... …

    By wine country eating
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