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    Winebits 344: Wine crime and wine shipping

    …: The Wine Spectator gets a lot of criticism here, but when it does something well, it deserves praise. Such was the recent post detailing wine shipping laws for every state — and it’s not even behind a pay wall. The good news is that 40 states will allow winery-to-consumer sales next year, up from 27 in 2005. The bad news is that just 14 states allow…

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    Intro To The Obligatory Chapter On Wine Tasting Techniques.

    …. If the best you can come up with is coffee tastes like… well, coffee, and peaches smell like peaches, you might ask, “Why don’t wine reviewers simply write that Syrah tastes like Syrah and Riesling smells like Riesling.” Would you buy The Wine Spectator if the reviews of the latest releases of German Rieslings looked like this? 95 REINHOLD HAART…

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