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Wine tasting (often, in wine circles, simply tasting) is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. While the practice of wine tasting is as ancient as its production, a more formalized methodology has slowly become established from the 14th century onwards. Modern, professional wine tasters (such as sommeliers or buyers for retailers) use a constantly evolving formal terminology which is used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine. More informal, recreational tasting may use similar terminology, usually involving a much less analytical process for a more general, personal appreciation.
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    • 14 Funny Wine Glasses For Oddball Drinkers

      Fourteen funny wine glasses show us how silly we can be, even when classing it up. Each of these oddities actually exist. It’s up to you to decide if they are ridiculous or awesome. Aerating Wine Glass Aerating Wine Glass $65 (for 2) This glass is for someone with a steady pour and a moderately short nose. While this glass is over-the-top, it does perform the function of aerating wine.

      Madeline Puckette/ Wine Folly- 8 readers -
    • 5 Things You’ll Learn About Wine Tasting from Anthony Giglio

      Instead of focusing on wine tasting as some sort of elaborate, rigid routine fraught with ritual and stern judgement, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just break it down for you via a few simple rules that maximize pleasure and learning while minimizing angst and consternation? I was witness to just that when, as an invited media guest at the Taste of Tulalip, I attended Anthony Giglio‘s g.

      Jameson Fink/ Jameson Fink- 6 readers -
    • Indie Wines – The Paso Garagiste Festival 2014

      Photo by Tom Lake I recently returned from two days at the Paso Garagiste Festival. This is the event’s fourth year, and it has grown leaps and bounds since I wrote about the inaugural event in 2011. That year, 44 wineries participated in a one-day event; now it is a four day event. This year 60 wineries alone poured on Saturday, November 8 at the Grand Tasting; another 19 wi ...

      WineFashionista- 8 readers -
  • Host a Holiday Vino con Vista Wine and Cheese Tasting Party

    …: The Connoisseur’s Wine New article written by James Barlow for The Society of Wine Educators about Cabernet Franc Chais Saint-Laurent Chinon 2012 Wine and Food Pairings & Food and Wine Pairings Filed under: Host a Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Tagged: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cheese, Fort Saint Antoine, Goat cheese, Host a Holiday Wine and Cheese Party, Jura Mountains, Pinot noir, Spain, Wine tasting descriptors…

    Vino Con Vista Italyin Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir- 3 readers -
  • Wine Sales -- Getting You to Buy in the Tasting Room

    … If you should be lucky enough to visit winery tasting rooms you will be subjected to some standard sales techniques used by most of the winery staff. This, of course, is their job just like any other retail sales person. For the smaller wineries that don't have much wine in the retail channel the sales from their tasting room is how they stay…

    Bob Hunnicutt/ Bob on Sonoma- 4 readers -
  • For The Love of Life and Pizza: Brick+Wood in Fairfield, CT

    …, evoo) – very good crust, nice flavor profile; Spizy Pizza (San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, sopressata, prosciutto cotto, bacon and jalapeno, red pepper infused honey) – perfectly spicy!; Mare a Monte (shrimp, corn and crispy pancetta) – delicious with the nice sweetness, the corn was very interesting on the pizza. Last but not least – dessert…

    Talk-A-Vino- 3 readers -
  • Happy Holidays | Feliz Navidad | Joyeux Noel |

    … Happy Holidays! Holiday Greetings, dear readers worldwide! A heartfelt thanks to all who shared their stories with binNotes in 2014: Anne and Catherine Parent of Domaine Parent in Burgundy’s Pommard, a town known for producing powerful red wines expressive of their terroir.| Image courtesy D. Parent. Marie-Eve Gilla, winemaker and part…

    binNotes | a wine blogin Pinot Noir- 2 readers -
  • 2014: A Few of My Favorite Things

    … collaborated a few times, too, always fun, and a great honor. 2. The Drunken Cyclist: I love Jeff’s mix of wine, bicycling, travel, and his son, Sebastian. I’m especially envious of his travel to France, as I haven’t been since 2005. He also isn’t afraid to tell it like it is from his point of view. His writing makes you feel welcomed in his world…

    Traveling Wine Chickin Cabernet Franc- 10 readers -
  • December Hill Country Road Trip

    … For the conclusion of using our Texas Hill Country Wineries season pass, the last wine trail event was the 2014 Holiday Wine Trail. The trail would include the booklet for marking down the four full wine tastings per day like in the previous wine trail event, but the Holiday trail also included a Christmas ornament. We started the trip…

    Jeff Cope/ Texas Wine Lover- 5 readers -
  • Breaux Vineyards Cellar Club first pick up

    … the Cellar Club complimentary tasting, which consisted of 4 wines. While we tried those in our tasting, our shipment was boxed up. Two of the four wines, the Symphony and the Lineage v3, in the tasting were in our shipment. Breaux Vineyards' charming staff behind the tasting bar Our tasting started with an unusual white wine blend, the 2012 Reflection…

    Wine About Virginiain Cabernet Sauvignon- 5 readers -
  • 2014 Top Texas Wines that Titillated My Taste Buds List

    … Photo courtesy of 2014 Top Texas Wines that Titillated My Taste Buds List As in previous years, if you recall, the year finishes with lists of “Best Texas Wines” and then the discussion starts about why everyone’s favorite wine was not on the list, and how deficient the “best wine” process is. Well, this year…

    Vintage Texas Blogin Syrah- 3 readers -
  • My Top 5 Star Rated Wines for 2014

    … to experience this as well. These 5 Star wines that I tasted this year I think will do that for you. Please share these wines with family and friends. A great Christmas/holiday gift to give or receive. Below are my tasting notes from the year for these wines. Enjoy! My 5 Star Rated Wines White and Sparkling Wines Chateau Corton Grancey Grand Cru…

    MyWinePalin Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Syrah Chardonnay- 5 readers -
  • The Terroir of Tasting

    … a wine will be perceived. Notice I didn’t say how a wine will taste. Some styles of wines just show better in some types of glasses. I did a podcast about this early on using a Pinot Noir and the results were astounding even though we were all a little sceptical that it would make a difference at all. I’ve visited a couple of very promising new…

    Wine Country BC- 3 readers -
  • First Major Wine Tasting Event of the Year Takes Place in a Railroad Museum

    … remember an engine and cars with B&O decals on them. This also brought back memories of my first wine tastings that were blends of Manischewitz and Vernors Ginger Ale. The 2015 Winter Wine event begins at 6:00 pm with a Vintage Vidal Reception, followed by the general tasting in the railroad roundhouse from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Vidal Blanc is one…

    Wine Trail Traveler- 4 readers -
  • 5 Questions with Stephen Cronk of Mirabeau Wine

    … It’s been quite some time since the last post in our “5 Questions With…” series, but after tasting a phenomenal #wine and then learning its even more interesting backstory, I decided a revival was needed! I think it’s no non-surprise for my regular readers that we are huge fans of rosé here at #Vinopanion. YC Media sent me a bottle earlier…

    Ward Kadel/ Vinopanion- 6 readers -
  • Host Holiday Party for Charity

    … to an Oregon-based charity. The wine lineup included two Pinot Gris wines under $20 and four Pinot Noirs. The Pinot Noir wines ranged from $22 to $55 a bottle. Now the group has some real wine geeks and they provided the wine knowledge during each pour. We had a great lineup of small bites including flat breads, pâté and the usual assortment of cheese…

    Howard W. Hewittin Pinot Noir- 4 readers -
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