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    • Tony Aspler: The Five Minute Wine Book

      Tony Aspler: The Five Minute Wine Book by Tim Pawsey on November 26, 2014 in Books, Wine Tony Aspler — “a card-carrying member of Pack Rats Anonymous.” Tony Aspler—one of Canada’s most prolific wine writers—has again put pen to paper, this time with a fun-to-read memoir that spans 35 years of what he describes as “chasing the grape.

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  • Delectable! A New Way to Wine

    … How many times have you tried a wine you liked, then later, usually a lot later, try to remember what that wine was? Not to worry – There’s an APP for that! Delectable is an easy new way to catalogue any wine, share your finds with others or even buy the wine you like! It’s free and super simple. If you can take a picture with your IPhone…

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  • How A Wine Glass Really Works

    … in the day when we happily sipped our wine from Red Solo cups at the local college party and didn’t even think to detect any “notes” of anything? Crazy to think that we go through such lengths these days to appreciate what we have in the glass. Must be something to say for this growing up stuff. Chin Chin When You’re Ready to Pick a Glass, See My Fave Wine Expert HERE FOR WINE TIPS: What Types of Wine Glasses Do You Really Need? …

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  • A New Twist on Wine with Helix

    …. However, the average consumer is not yet sold as they are often identified with cheap wines. The Helix might be the answer for the full “bottle experience” and the convenience of storage and reuse. Plus, you never need to remember your corkscrew! Check out this informational video from Tom Cannavan at Like this: Like Loading... …

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  • Tips for Storing Wine

    … climes of the Deep South, we thought it might be useful to hand out a few tips for storing wine, just to remind ourselves that a little pampering goes a long way for just about anything. Wine lovers like to say that wine is a living, breathing thing. While you may not be as attached to your wine as you are to your pet Chihuahua, wine…

  • Oh, honey ... No.

    … Suenarita and I apologize. We've been busy -- she, decamping for the wilds of Hotlanta, me, well, doing whatever it is I do all the time. But when I saw this, I knew we had to spring into action. This is not proper Wine Giques attire. It's obviously called the "Wine Rack." I can't think of any place where this might be appropriate, unless…

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