What is Brix? Winemaking Secrets

    If you’ve ever traveled to wine country or glanced at a wine bottle tech sheet then you’ve probably come across the words “Brix” with a number after it, such as 19.5, 23 or sometimes up to 26. Brix measures must levels (sugar) in wine grapes that ultimately determines how much alcohol a wine will have. Learn the secrets to what Brix tells you on a wine stat sheet.

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    Harvest 2014: Week 10 – Rounding Up the Stragglers

    Like a duck gliding slowly, wings spread wide, feet reaching for landing on a pond, we are slowly coming to the end of an extremely fast harvest. Last week we saw extreme temperatures. Extreme cold in the mid 40s and extreme heat in the mid 90s. I have seen some vineyards in Calistoga with frost damage at this point and that only reconfirms my belief that the season is coming to a close.

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      From VINTAGES for Thanksgiving, in wine and with song

      Godello - - 5 readers - Le Clos Jordanne Vineyard Photo: ( Whatever your plans are for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I highly recommend they include wine and music. Last year my picks to meet the bird emanated from a Loire state of mind. A new Sancerre makes this year’s shortlist because “you can always use a good Sancerre.

      This Crush Is Almost Done

      notes from the winemaker - - 5 readers - 03 Oct 2014 at 22:34 John Kelly Harvest, Journal, Vineyard, Winemaking, Winery This crush is nearly over for me. In my last post I talked about leaving Westwood and starting something new. Thanks to all who have contacted me expressing support. I assure everyone that leaving Westwood has not been especially traumatic.

      A cultivated tale of two Okanagan wineries

      Godello - - 5 readers - Blue Mountain Vineyards Photo: (c) Some wine is made all in the family. These days I am particularly intrigued by the ancestral homestead turned grape-growing entity. This past summer I paid a visit to Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards in Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Valley.

      The CCWP Wine Week: Alma Rosa, Whitcraft Winery and BUBBLYFEST

      Central Coast Wine Press - - 5 readers - Alma Rosa adds to team Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards, located in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, has added two new employees to its team. They are Tom O’ Higgins, general manager, and Elaina Kroll, national sales director. O’Higgins most recently worked for V. Sattui in the Napa Valley, and Kroll in national sales for Domaine de Cristia, and represented McPrice Myers and the Barrel 27 line.

    The latest about Winemaking

      José Maria da Fonseca: Portuguese Pride

      … Extending back 180 years, to its founding in 1834, José Maria da Fonseca is a family-owned Portuguese winery with one foot firmly planted in its rich history and traditions, and the other foot stepping forward into the future. My own experience with their wines extends back as well. About eight to nine years ago, in the wine blog I wrote before…

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      What is Brix? Winemaking Secrets

      … alcohol level. This technique is called Chaptalization and it’s commonly practiced in cooler climate countries such as France where it’s very hard to ripen grapes properly. For example, before 2011, Bourgogne Blanc (a.k.a. French Chardonnay) allowed a minimum must weight 153 g/L which would only make a wine with 8.5% ABV. Oddly enough, the minimum…

      8 readers - By Madeline Puckette/ Wine Folly

      Winners at the 2014 Austin County Wine Show

      … Du Bois, he said, “A good slow, cold fermentation works best; something around 50-55 F that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Then, make sure that finished wine has a good sugar acid balance.” Jack Palacios & John Greene – The grapes for John’s gold medal, Grand Champion Syrah was grown in the Palacios family vineyard in Brenham, Texas. John…

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      Keeping Up with Our Home Winemaking

      … we sorted the grapes into three groups: those that would go into the qvevri, those that we would press and those that we would use as raisins. We crushed the grapes and added them to the sanitized qvevri, added yeast and then covered with a circular piece of Plexiglas with an airlock inserted. The Plexiglas is fastened to the qvevri with a moist…

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      Seven Martinis shaken, not stirred

      … The Cabernet Sauvignon of Louis M. Martini Photo: (c) To shake or to stir, that is the question. In the case of the Martini, the answer is always the former, unless Ian Fleming and James Bond are a part of the response. Author W. Somerset Maugham declared that “Martinis should always be stirred, not shaken, so…

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      Fourth-annual Garagiste Festival returning to Paso Robles Nov. 6-9

      … at the Veterans Memorial Hall. This year a third Garagiste festival, “Urban Exposure,” debuted in Los Angeles on July 12 at Union Station. For the return of the flagship event in November, more than 70 artistan winemakers will pour their wines. Of those, more than 50 hail from the Paso Robles area, and 90 percent of those pouring do not have tasting rooms…

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      A hip of wine from Hidden Bench

      … French cask in the Hidden Bench cellar A visit to the Beamsville Bench on a warm October morning is a beautiful thing. Facilitated by their sagacious Ontario agent Bernard Stramwasser of Le Sommelier, the royal welcome was presented at Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery. Proprietor Harald Thiel and winemaker Marlize Beyers left no barrel, vine…

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      Have you ever thought about Making Your Own Wine at Home?

      … to Vitis vinifera: Zinfandel Cabernet Sauvignon Seyval Blanc Vidal Blanc Riesling Concord (Vitis labrusca, not Vitis vinifera, like the others above) If you’re on the East Coast, there are markets where you can purchase grapes grown in California and delivered to you. Our Wooden Valley Winery client from Suisun Valley (another client) has been…

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      Viña Koyle: Cristóbal, Carmenere & Auma

      … of that has been to increase the overall quality of Chilean wine. Though Cristóbal had been interested in organic viticulture since 2001, while he worked in Australia, he learned about Biodynamic agriculture and was intrigued. The more he learned about it, the more he desired to create a Biodynamic vineyard. Since then, he immersed himself…

      4 readers - By Richard Auffrey/ The Passionate Foodie

      A cultivated tale of two Okanagan wineries

      … thinning and harvesting are all done this way. The winery focuses on varietals; Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, and Pinot Noir. In addition to the single-varietal bottles, no less than five different Sparkling variations are made in the traditional method. It’s a toss-up between the two styles to decide what…

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      Harvest 2014: Week 11 – The End…Almost

      …The end is near. Well the end of this harvest anyway. I has been the earliest harvest I have ever experienced. It has also been a very strange one with the rain during flowering, drought, earthquake, hail, more rain, heat, and this week even more rain which should put a cap on a very eventful harvest. We received our last Chardonnay on last Friday…

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      From VINTAGES for Thanksgiving, in wine and with song

      …. The whiffer is sweet pepper, currants and rings of defined tobacco. The give way goes to flavours silky in roasted pepper and a shot of espresso. If, “in the winter of ’65, we were hungry, just barely alive,” this Carmenère would have kept us warm. No cake, no jam, no overwrought excessive behaviour. Though like any good band, it does drive Dixie down…

      5 readers - By Michael Godel/ Godello

      TTB publishes ruling establishing 11 new AVAs within Paso Robles

      … It’s official: The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) today published its final decision in the Federal Register, creating 11 new American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) within the existing Paso Robles AVA in San Luis Obispo County. The 11 new sub AVAs: Adelaida District, Creston District, El Pomar District, Paso Robles Estrella District…

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      A Year in Burgundy [Film Review]

      …'One year with the people who make wine like no-one else in the world' I'm not much of a theater-goer, and, for the most part, most wine-related movies (documentaries) are not being shown in the local multiplex anyway. It's great when I get the opportunity then to see a wine documentary at home. This week, over several evenings, I watched "A Year…

      4 readers - By Kovas Palubinskas/ 50 States of Wine
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