Wines of South America by Evan Goldstein

    More than Wines of South America being an important body of work, it's about the author for me. Please don't misunderstand me. This latest book by Evan Goldstein is just brilliant, but that's what I've come to expect from him; and, that's why he's even more important to me than the books he's producing...

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    Domaine Chandon & étoile: #Napa’s Classic, Stars

    The Chevalière of the French bubbly scene in Napa is the elegant and indomitable, Domaine Chandon (WL, FB, Tw).  It is the first French foray into domestic bubbly by the esteemed Moët & Chandon in 1973; the producer of arguably the most famous Champagne in the world: Dom Pérignon. Indeed, when many consumers think of sparkling wine in the US, they think of the name “Chandon.

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      Finally, I’m a Convert

      Talk-A-Vino - - 8 readers - Yes, this will be a post about the wine – what did you think I will be writing about? I completely changed my perception of one wine region, so convert or not, but this is what this post is all about. Don’t know about you, but when I visit the wine region and wineries in it, I generally come with certain set of expectations, a perceived notion if you will.

      A moving expereince… and I mean a *real* moving for Carica Wines

      Wine Blog - - 7 readers - And so it's always fun for me to keep an eye on who's doing what. I first became aware of Carica Wines, at the first Wine Blogger's Conference held in Sonoma County. Carica hosted a picnic in their vineyards, just a few miles from where I live, and I met a lot of great people at that event... The most important of whom were the people from both Carica Wines and Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines.

      The real truth behind the story of the Jackson Family Wines

      Wine Blog - - 7 readers - The Jackson Family Wines is a huge umbrella. When we think of the name Jackson, it's mostly associated with their most popular and launch brand, which is Kendall-Jackson. This name is only a microcosm within their real macrocosmic selves. The real truth behind their struggle, in my personal experiences, was something that I just encountered again, as Steve Heimoff and I spoke about his new job.

      Domaine Carneros

      Bach to Bacchus - - 7 readers - If you visit Napa Valleyand do not visit one of our premium sparkling wine wineries, then you will have missed some of the best of Napa Valley.

    The latest about Winery

      Labor Day Weekend Wine Events and Festivals

      …Messina Hof nearby Fredericksburg, Texas In addition to individual winery events, special festivities are taking place including harvest celebrations. For more information about each event go to the designated website. Enjoy spending time with others who enjoy wine! Cheers! Kathy August 29 – September 1 Three Fox Vineyards, Delaplane, Virginia…

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      Wine Tasting Rating – Chateau Chantal – 2012 – Pinot Blanc

      … a refreshing, lightly fruited white wine, you’ll enjoy this Pinot Blanc. Rating About Chateau Chantal It’s a perfectly charming winery and Old World inn stocked with fine wine and staffed with attentive proprietors whose sole purpose is to provide a space or experience to meet your every need. Uncorked Monthly’s featured interview with Mark Johnson and Brian Hosmer will be published with in the next week.…

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      WBC14: Bridlewood Estate Excursion

      …View from Bridlewood’s mission bells. As I wrote in my thoughts on the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC14), the overall value of the conference is one of the biggest reasons I’d consider going again in the future. And nothing can illustrate that better than the one additional excursion I attended the afternoon after WBC14 closed: the Bridlewood…

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      Celebrating Cabernet Day

      … & 30% Neutral French Oak. First released in 2008 with 240 cases available. Best way to purchase this special 2004 is directly by calling the winery: 707.963.9838, $120 a bottle. Also call to reserve a special tasting with them at their Library location in downtown Calistoga or if you're lucky, a sip above the vineyard. From their website: 2004…

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      Labor Day Wines

      … as a result of our recent trip to the Monticello area. First Colony Winery: Lots of changes here with a renovated tasting room since our last visit. We enjoyed the crisp Rose 2013 with its bright strawberry aromas and flavors and refreshing acidity. Rose is excellent any time of the year, but we made sure to purchase a bottle for our last Wolftrap concert…

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      Thoughts On The Napa Earthquake

      … map for the West Napa Fault provided by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) is evidence that anyone applying to build a structure in Napa likely doesn’t need a wake-up call when it comes to seismic risk. Corison Winery in St. Helena was well out of the zone of most intense shaking, but like many of us winemaker Cathy Corison felt the quake…

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      Finally, I’m a Convert

      … of this perceived notions are founded based on the prior experience with the wines of the region, both at the winery and outside. It is easy to build – just visit a few wineries, where you don’t like the wines, or buy a few bottles in the store which you will not care for, and that’s enough to label the whole region as “not my thing”. Once the perceived notion…

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      Writing you don’t see, revealed… Cadaretta’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard

      …. It was he who Rick Middleton, whose family company owns both Southwind Vineyard and Walla Walla's Cadaretta Winery, hired to characterize and delineate his vineyard's soil types. This was done in order to begin to identify Southwind's terroir, and the flavors that might be irreplaceably ascribed to its wines. What Kevin Pogue found was an area…

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      The ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor’ mutual admiration society circumlocution

      …." The National Pork Board Encore Glass Farm Credit West American Ag Credit The volunteers who are vital to the success of PS I Love You. Imagine a $68,000 budget for the entire year, and how much we're able to accomplish with so little. How do we do it? We're called PS I Love You... Rock Wall Wine Company (wines and venue) Trentadue Winery (wines…

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      Potter Winery

      … with their Jalapeno Wine. Seriously. Smoke came out of my ears when I sampled their Scorching Jalapeno. Tempered with traditional wines such as Riesling, Potter Wines has grown from a hobby into a full-fledged, growing winery. I recommend Potter Wines dry Riesling, it’s very good. But before I can really introduce you to the winery, I have…

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      Wines of 50 United States – A Challenge

      … 8,229 wineries across the US (as of today, August 14 2014). Here is the winery map across US which was created using this web site: Recently, I tried wines from Vermont and Colorado, and I finally visited for the first time (!), despite the fact that I live here for more than 20 years, the wineries in Connecticut (of course this will be a subject…

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      Domaine Chandon & étoile: #Napa’s Classic, Stars

      …, they think of the name “Chandon.”  And it is at this beautiful estate, biking distance from our home, that we happily enjoyed media passes for their étoile Prestige Tour, followed by lunch at their in-house resto, also named étoile.  We attended courtesy of the winery, and oh!, what a visit it was… Pond de Chandon Entering Domaine Chandon…

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      Livermore Stories: Caddis Wines

      … comes from her parent’s vineyard in Sonoma Valley. At a mere 300 cases, “we’re tiny but we’re mighty,” says Courtney.  She and Chris met when she started working at nearby Occasio Winery, where Chris is still the assistant winemaker.  Courtney is now the events planner at Crocked Vine and Stony Ridge wineries.  The two recently wed in June…

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      Domaine Carneros

      … and a wine tasting experience at private tables that is second to none. We really enjoyed our tour and tasting at Domaine Carneros and highly recommend that you also visit this lovely winery. We especially recommend the tour which includes a fascinating educational experience of how sparkling wine is made. You will also be able to taste some wonderful…

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      Wines of South America by Evan Goldstein

      … varieties, regions, touring, dining, brands, and their wine labels. It's the quintessential guide. Each winery listed, and there's a plethora of them, has its founding date, address (so you can find it), who owns the winery, who the winemaker is, who's the viticulturist, for what the winery is best known, its signature wine, and other labels…

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